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13 Months of Sunshine; that is the title of this film by Yehdego Abeselom who I have heard about for a about 4 years. I have been unenthusiastic because of my indifference to the title since its close resemblance to the trademark of the Ethiopian Tourism commission.

Regardless, I have seen pieces of the film over the internet for a while, I had a slight understanding of the plot line, the cast – I met a few of them during the Ethiopian Soccer Tournament in DC.

So finally, I was able to catch this film via screening here in DC on Saturday. And since it’s been a long time in the making I had built up my expectation somewhat high.

The plot line had so much depth, intertwined with the theme of Coffee and 13 months.

It’s a story of a girl from Ethiopia who needs a green card and pursues it through a fake marriage by paying an Ethiopian man who is in need of cash to start a business.

It was a believable story that is somewhat based on reality – according to the posters. I can relate to it – excluding a modeling career in the within the Ethiopian community, the lead female was somewhat pursuing via an African American agent.

The film was all digital – and with great sound and clean cinematography. At the beginning there were some stylistic differences – meaning it seemed like the director was experimenting with different styles but once I got to about 20 minutes into the film I didn’t notices it much.

I was entrenched in the story- I loved the depth of each character with all the stereotypes of people we know.

The soundtrack – filled with Bole2Harlem and Burntface was amazing. Was singing along to all the songs I was familiar with.

At the end, some people were crying – I was emotional as well.

As critical as I was, with some part of the film – this was a fantastic film with a great story. Yehedego is a genius in the making. I look forward more films in the future because we have many stories that need to be told.

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  1. 1 MIchael Phelp Rocks

    I look forward to watching it whenever it is available, it certainly looks unique in every way when i caught the preview on Youtube.

    A typical Ethiopian movie, however.

  2. 2 yachilej

    I just youtubed a couple of clips and am excited to see it at some point, but the first thing my ears caught (and are holding on to) is the seTt bashing.. I’m curious, is that really typical how habesha dudes feel/talk about setoch? I realize this might be a “duh!” question or maybe I’m being way too sentiteev.. but curious monkey’s gotta know

  3. 3 Nolawi

    Oh my god you should see the film- and it catchs the stereotypical attitudes Ethio Females have about dating minamin

    Apparently money talks-
    the girls love african americans and they bash abesh men in this film-

    very entertaining

  4. 4 datdude

    If this is like a few of ethio films i’ve seen recently then its safe to say it has a horrible ending. If so please advise, so that I can avoid what seems to be an ethiopan movie making curse, decent storyline, acting, and horrible endings. Its like the creative juice runs out at 86 min. and the movie runs 90 min. Any way, I recommend yewendoch guday, funny movie, great acting, and a ____________ ending. Wouldn’t ruin for y’all :)

  5. 5 dawitm05

    i watched the video clips and it looks avante-garde. i think director did an amazing work of art.

  6. 6 Mikematic

    Cant wait to see the next movie…From rags to riches story about a parking lot attendant from Gonder. He gets rich and becomes cocky and shit and one of his homeboys snitches on him to the Feds and while the Feds started closing on him he fleds the country but not without a fight…there will be a hailegna shootout scene infront of Dukem restaurant that would make the one on Heat look like child play and the ending will be a scene of him smoking a cohiba on langano beach with his fortified mansion in the background (Sepia tone) … I dont know what the title is but it should be a good one. I think its “Supa Attendant”, not sure, but dont take my word for it. I know I wont.

  7. 7 Tsedey

    Nothing avante-garde but after taking a sneak peek, looks like they did a good job. I’ll make sure to watch it hoping it doesn’t have tragic ending like most habesha movies.

  8. 8 Nolawi

    So what is up with this tragic movie ending minamin people are talking about? do ethio films have kerazzy endings?

  9. 9 Mikematic

    Yep. ET movies always have evil triumphing over good unlike crappy Hollywood. But its our pessimistic nature, we can’t help it…I tell you that country is hopeless. Our creative juice is out like a womans period on menopause. I hope this movie redeems my outlook on ET movies…

  10. 10 Tsedey

    Nolawi, how many Amharic movies have you watched? Say in about the past couple of years.. am telling u each movie I watched has something to do with HIV or it involves death in the end or some unexpected poor ending or …so predictable that u would know the ending after the first 15 min. So am hoping this one would prove otherwise. Am yearning for an amharic movie that wows me.

  11. 11 Getu

    Only ET movies that have value to me are those made to show how weak they are; self deprecating ET directors or producers or script writers, whichever ones actually control the story line. To me, this makes them practical and realistic. Otherwise, ET movies are a joke and have lightyears of ground to make up.
    By the way, I dont pretend to know anything about film; but I know whenever I watch an ET movie I cringe.

  12. 12 shifta

    It’s funny that everyone i told to watch this movie keeps asking me the same question…

    ‘ayiii liyaleksubin new demo?’

    Except for Yewondoch Guday every abesha movie i’ve ever seen has had a tragic end.

    ’13 months of sunshine’ is a breath of fresh air to ethiopian cinematography. A tale based on a true story and well rounded characters. You’ll definitely find something or someone to relate to in this movie. Make sure you come out and support this INDEPENDENT FILM by Producer & Director Yehedgo Abeselom.

    13 MONTHS OF SUNSHINE will be screening
    again this Saturday and Sunday at 5pm and 7pm.


    812 7th st NW-DC
    One Block from

    Tickets are available at the door or online at the following link:

    Contact Malik for more info @
    (202) 415 3441

  13. 13 Eyob

    13 Months of Sunshine, is not an (African) Ethiopian film, it is a Diaspora film. Its target audiences are American Ethiopians [Diaspora] and M/class Ethiopians, who can afford to pay 15 Birr. You just have to look at the plot, language, etc… moreover the film to some extent is experimental, which is common in a lot of Diaspora film. Ethiopian (African) Filmmakers [Diaspora] and artist in general, have not yet found a straightforward way of visualising their story yet, for their African audiences. This is due to the fact that most Diaspora artists, are driven by fame and money.

    Although I did not like the film that much, however Yehdego did a good job; good lighting, sound was ok and good camera work…. hope to see more work from him.

  14. 14 metad bet

    come on, give the boy some credit. from all the ET movies, i think this one has come a long way. of course, there are minor details that we all see that we wish he could have done better.

    it’s a great movie. 2 thumbs up!! i recommend everyone in the dc area to go see it when u get the chance. also, it would be great if the director would be present at one of the showings so that the audience could get a chance to pick his brain apart :)

  15. 15 shifta

    Well Eyob,

    there’s no overnight success in this industry…
    i think your criticism was a little harsh.
    This movie has taken a huge step forward in the history of ethio cinematography. i think the director did a brilliant job for a first timer. Support and encouragement of projects like this are the key to progress.

    The director will be here for this weekends screening, please feel free to come out and share your thoughts.

  16. 16 Eyob

    His achievement in terms of cinematography is unparalleled to what is coming out of Ethiopia. Indeed there is a lot we can learn from him. As an aspiring filmmaker I find it hard not to be critical of what I see. It might be jealousy. Beside it’s good to be critical, sometimes.

    I am a great support of Ethiopian/ African filmmakers. I am currently trying to get all Ethiopian filmmakers at home and abroad to get together just for a one day workshop, in order to build a strong film community. In the long term it will help us get funding and have access to distributions…
    Unfortunately for some [without naming], political and intellectual masturbation comes first……….

  17. 17 Nolawi

    Great feedback Eyob- I agree with you… I look forward to your film as well..

  18. 18 adey

    A few months ago I was in LA before the film’s screening there and saw Yehdego Abeselom on a Sunday morning going door to door in Little Ethiopia to post his flier.
    It is a lot of work and challenging to make, advertise and sell/show your film or art work. I admired his perseverance and hope that 13 MONTHS OF SUNSHINE will come to my city soon.

  19. 19 celebratelife

    I will see it, if it tours my city, just to support my community and my people BUT I say but it will be the typical Ethiopian movie I’m sure.

    It’s like seeing an Indian movie I know what will happen and pretty much how it’ll end. Better yet a Latino movie is guaranteed to have a lot of drama and some fighting with a woman crying like she lost her pink diamond earrings. Ethiopian movies are the same because the producers/writers think they know what the audience wants and they’d rather stay with what’s expected then to venture out and risk losing supporters.

  20. 20 Nolawi

    Comeon you guys- the American films are predictable too – IMHO

  21. 21 Selam T

    Eventhough it is not made by an Ethiopia film maker the best film (documentary) I saw this year was “A WALK TO BEAUTIFUL”. It is an amazing film and very well done. It will make one cry, laugh and what a great ending. It is a film that really changed my life.
    I loved it loved it loved it…

  22. 22 baby

    There is nothing wrong with predictable movies. After all, most of the movies that we enjoy, American movies at least, are all predictable. The good guys win and the bad ones are punished. It is only artsy or film noir that have successfully, I believe, questioned this type of storytelling.

    As far as ET films are concered, it is true that they all seem to focus on two major topics: AIDS and a beautiful female who is forced by her parents to mary somebody shoe doesn’t love. I encourage any moviemaker who dares to step outside these story lines. It is okay that these movies are experimental. They’re supposed to be experimental. It is okay that they don’t have great sound, cinematography, or directing. My beef has always been with the shoreline. I believe any weakness can be forgiven if a movie has a great story line.

  23. 23 Sakita

    Ummmm can’t help but ask “are we all watching the same movie”? Granted the story line may be typical of situations many Ethiopians face and can relate to, and I completely agree with the quality of the filming, sound light etc.

    But how about translation? The annoying mixture of the amharic and english (which is typical in how most of us talk but seemed a little overboard in the movie), and glitches like the guy ordering a drink “the largest” and getting a small coffee, or the girl saying something random and the guy responding “you too”? Or the need to say “american school newe yehedechew”…

    I’m all about supporting abesha’s in their creative pursuits but why do our reviews always have to be so peachy and not critical? How are we expected to improve if we can’t take constructive criticism. It’s definitely a start but we still have a long ways to go. You might saying I’m being too negative but I think we should be selective about what we support and more open to honest opinions so that the standards are raised and people are pushed to do better, have more quality control and we can really compete on a global scale! The translations especially need to be improved on if we plan to market it to a non-abesha community and really make our works known to a multitude of people.

    The efforts were applaudable, but the glowing praises I think are a bit overboard. Just my two cents…

  24. 24 Tsedey

    My best all-time movie is Gudifecha- sound, cinematography, story line, lighting, casting… am not saying it’s perfect but much better than the others. I watched it at the Theatre in Piazza(next to Speedy Studio- I forgot the name of the Cinema) 5 years ago and I can remember almost all the details. I was impressed and for me, it still stands out.

  25. 25 Selam T

    Sakita said “I’m all about supporting abesha’s in their creative pursuits but why do our reviews always have to be so peachy and not critical? How are we expected to improve if we can’t take constructive criticism. ”

    Well said and so TRUE!
    Yes:”The efforts were applaudable, but the glowing praises I think are a bit overboard. Just my two cents…”

  26. 26 embrt

    hey Eyob, im an aspiring filmmaker also and would love to be involved in what you’re doing for ethiopian film industry professionals. holla @ me @ and btw, your on point with your comment about diaspora filmmakers.

  27. 27 abTori

    props & goodluck to all those who are working hard to bring new ideas and storylines to the screen… one thing i see in most ET movies especially those from back home is ppl use betam yeteraKeKe amarigna no body talks like that! but on the other hand, i checked out the trailers for this particular movie and honestly every other line is like koltafa amarigna, what’s up with that? yeah we all talk guramayle but this was kinda weird. anybody else notcied it? or is this ye DC style? lol

  28. 28 spacefog

    Technically I would give it an A especially comparing wiht other Ethio movies. As a director I think he needs to have origionality. This one looks like any other a hollywood movie. Such works do not go far or have a very limited audience. Iranian or eastern European movies can be great examples; they have origionality.

    Story line is also good and relatable. Some of the dialogues need a reality touch.

    Acting …is weak. Some of the guys are really camera concious.

    Otherwise , good work and great effort handling black market stuff.

  29. 29 Eyob

    “An artist only needs a canvas and a brush. A writer only needs a pen and paper. A film-maker needs an army”. So said Mr O, Wells.
    It has taken me 3 years to realise that a film is an important tool as means of transforming our poor society. I can certainly sympathise with young black film-makers in the US, who are forced to make commercial films that reflects the negative aspect of their society. They are subjected to this because they seek success in the commercial world.
    However we should make films that act as an agent for altering our people’s behaviour, from hurtful traditions like, FGM, underage marriage and tribalism etc…
    We have to support our Ethiopian African, film-makers. But we need to also be critical and demand films that truly reflect our lives. That is the only way…

  30. 30 Bobby

    Hey Guys,

    Such a great blog for real! I just want to say thanks to Nolwai for creating this blog.

    The comments and inputs of people are so interesting. Every comment opens the door for a much broader discussion about film and the politics of Ethiopian cinema from Ethiopians in Ethiopia and from the Diaspora.

    First of all I’m sorry and I myself am very disappointed that I wasn’t able to attend to any of the screenings in DC as of yet; hopefully, I’ll be there next week. Just a little caught up in LA!

    Anyway let me just say thank you to all of you who put your time and energy to not only see the film but for also sharing your ideas about it. To those who continue to be encouraging thank you and also to everyone who was openly and constructively critical, I appreciate that too. This is the only way we can get better…through your support and suggestions and through your critical eyes, we get better telling our own stories!

    I will be one of the first to say that we have a very long way to go in Ethiopian Cinema. Yes the film 13 Months has imperfections that as I’m sure people like Eyob and other aspiring filmmakers can understand these problems and glitches come with budget constraints, time, first time actors, etc. I myself was learning a great deal from our 3 year journey making this film.

    This was our first project. We learned so much from it. Yes we will get better without a doubt for the next one.

    I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts about the film. If you would like to contact me my e-mail is:

    I actually have to go right but I would write more….I read some fascinating comments and reviews.

    Anyway thanks again Nolawi for creating this blog and for a great review. Thanks to everyone else too…

    Talk Soon



  31. 31 soj

    ….for me the problem is with our use of the Amharic language..for some reason it does not lend itself that well to the type of lines people use in movies….we just have to find a better way of screen writing…not content wise..not the story line, these things can be improved but the use of the language….have you noticed how well we use it in poems, literature..and even theatres…..but in movies you always hear that same melodic way of delivering lines……I am not even talking about the acting…..

  32. 32 justme

    yeah…Soj put it very well . Lets hear what the film makers say about it.

  33. 33 Dinich

    “for some reason it does not lend itself that well to the type of lines people use in movies”


    that may be because we have to get used to it. I recently watched a translation of shrek in tigrigna. They did a wonderful job…I was laughing throughout on how the translation was done. They tried to abeshize everything. the donkey was saying stuff like “Ga’at kigi’etlka iye niguho”…lol sometihing like I ll make u genfo for breakfast which is not in the original shrek. So stuff like that will take time to get used to.

  34. 34 Sakita

    Shrek in Tigrigna… now that’s new!

    But as far as:
    “for some reason it does not lend itself that well to the type of lines people use in movies” goes…

    I think it comes from always wanting to make things sound Westernized and using lines that we see in movies, and perhaps not having the best command of Amharic (screen-writers and audience alike). There are many ways of saying something without having to directly translate from the English version we know. So we mix amarigna and english and end up with “mikebateru” characters. But it’ll improve with time.

  35. 35 Bobby

    Hey Guys

    I’ll try to address some issues quickly! Regarding the language, the answer is simple: that is the way the abesha Diaspora speak in the U.S. Most of my friends and I don’t speak Amharic from beginning to end, we just don’t; we use English and Amharic…it’s a more natural flow and that is how we relate to each other, am I right? It’s very similar to Spanglish! Even the guy or girl who come from hager-bate recently, after about one year begins throwing English words here and there. It is a combination of Ethio-English.

    I did this because to me, cinema as an art is about being as close to real life as artistically possible. That’s what I tried to do in this story, from the way they talk to what they say, to the story line, from the camera movement, and pretty much everything you see is meant to mimic reality within the Ethio-American people.

    Yes I’m sure the dialogue deliveries at some points were a little funny simply because the actors were first-timers. None of the abesha people you see are trained and most have done it based on interest alone.

    Also, I think someone said earlier that film is all about story, well, film is not only about story. I’m sure some of you will disagree…

    I’m sorry but I would rather not watch a film with distracting camera work, barely audible audio, horrible acting, and editing jump cuts (too much of it). I’d rather watch my friend’s wedding video and know that at least it’s real which explains the unprofessional work and hope somebody trips and falls and that will be my entertainment.

    Seriously though, cinema is supposed to suspend us from all these things as much as it can. From sound, to music, acting, editing transition…we are to perceive the sound and visuals like a moving dream. We must forget we are watching a movie but rather watching a story…be it may bad or good, it’s a story. Don’t get me wrong, story matters but I prefer to watch a good story in great cinema scope.

    Some of the films from Ethiopia are great but I can’t get into them because the filmmaking distracts me and I’m sure it distracts us all. By the way, one thing a lot of people say to me is, why don’t you make it look like Titanic, The English Patient, Troy, how can you get that look?

    That look is film, specifically 35 MM or 16 or Super 16 MM and it’s expensive. We are far from shooting film stock because the Art form has not developed yet in Ethiopia. We’re still not getting the support from the government nor our own audience. In the 70s and late 60s, when black filmmakers made movies in the US, despite content…Black America would come out and support it fiercely.

    Because of the support they got, today we have some amazing black filmmakers that have been able to tell amazing black stories.

    One of these black film-makers is our very own, Haile Gerima, who by the way is currently at Venice Italy Film festival showing his film, Teza, (which was shot on film Super 16). The lead actor is my close friend and roommate Aaron who never acted before but did an amazing job.

    Anyway what I’m saying is that we have a long way to go but we can get closer to that vision with your support and the support of the government.

    Personally, I wish I could sit back and watch the epic story of Atze Tewdros, Menelick, Adwa, in the same manner I watched Gladiator. But if we’re not so eager to watch our own stories, why should Hollywood want to tell it.

    When I watched Haile’s Film “Teza” I was blown away because it takes you to a time you know about but never really experienced (at least me, cause I was young). So when I saw it done the way it was done professionally, it suspended all my disbelief and lets you get into the story and really enjoy it.

    My message to most of you guys is to discourage home video movies and encourage Ethiopian Cinema. Believe me you will see a huge difference that you and your children will enjoy and a growth in the society. Another film maker Yemanne, a professor at NYU film school just finished his film, “Dead Weight” and it was also brilliant. Support these kinds of films and we will get better as an industry.

    But those of you who are here bloging, you guys do support cinema and the arts, I know that. And I truly do appreciate the fact that you’re talking about my film. I know you want me to get better and tell better stories, and I will.

    And again, you don’t have to like my film, agree with it or anything but the fact that you have seen it (and someone said 15.00 bucks is pricey, it is but you still paid for it) all this shows a huge support not just for me but cinema itself.

    By the way, why $15.00…simply because when a film is done in a certain caliber it is so hard to ever get returns or to even break even. Of course you can go to AMC cinema and watch Batman and Iron Man for 8-10 bucks…

    But we figured 15 might not be much to an individual who wants to support and see his/her own story and support the filmmakers who might have made this film for a lot of money.

    Anywayz, yes indeed, we have a long way to go and bigger strides to take. But we’re getting there…I’m very proud of Haile and Aaron who were on the red carpet in Venice Italy showing Haile’s second Ethiopian feature film along side Hollywood Blockbusters. The more we work together, the more of us we’ll see on that carpet with our own stories.

    Anyway I’m a holla at you guys some more. There is one more screening this coming weekend so let folks know that haven’t seen it! Other than that…drop me a line anytime! Talk Soon


    13 Months of Sunshine

  36. 36 spacefog


    I think its great that you are taking time to respond and explain. I am all for Camera work and production techinques. I watched ‘Mirrors’ this weekend and I am sure Aja is not in it for the story.

    I also think while focusing on productions ,it would be great if you try to widen your target audiance as well. Look at Teza why is it in venice and not the 13 months ?Its not only techniques. What is the diffrence between your movie and a good black(the social group) gener movie?… You need to look for what makes you unique as a director and a story teller. As an immigrant or as a person of Ethiopian origion you can have a lot to say.

    G.Luck and hope to see more of your works.

  37. 37 Bobby


    Thanks for the reply and for the support! To answer your question, the reason Haile is in Venice is because one: he’s a great film-maker nearly 3 decades in the making (experience) and he has credit in the film world. Two: His budget was in the millions which goes into several departments and a huge sponsorship from a large company. Because of his credibility he got the budget from investors to make his film. And a film with high production value and a tight story is almost the only way an independent movie has a chance for the international community to accept it (film festivals such as Venice). I need to improve on both those departments so yes, point well taken. Most of the time, you can only make a good film by how far your resources can take you. If I had a few million dollars 13 Months could have been no different than most Hollywood Romantic genres. Maybe next time I’ll do something different! But I am a sucker for romance so I do like the romantic comedy/drama genre and the epic war story.

    We’ll see…


  38. 38 Bobby

    by the way, check it out guys!!!

    Copy and paste to your browser if the link doesn’t take u there! I’m sure you remember the main guy in there from 13 Months…the guy who speaks in the end!


  39. 39 BEZ

    Ey I heard about that movie before, is it in Amaharic or in English..and where is the setting of the movie..and under what title would you put it under (like drama, comedy,adventure, action, etc)..thanks in advance for the answers lol

  40. 40 Bobby

    hey Bez my film would be considered romantic drama and will be out on DVD very soon…if you were asking about Haile’s film…it’s not out yet and it would just be drama.


  41. 41 Sara

    Hi ! Don’t Look Only a Week Part,Let”s Incourage them!God Bless! All Ethoi.

  42. 42 Arthone

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  43. 43 Nifas

    Just saw this movie a couple of days ago on DVD it was good. The main characters seemed really @ ease with eachother.

  44. 44 Emmie Roscoe

    Love Shrek, funny movies!

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