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This is a clothing label, it is labeled in English and then in French. This piece of clothing was manufactured a small boutique in the ‘US.’ US is in quotes because manufactured in the US doesn’t necessarily mean “Made in the US.”

Both the English and the French part is exactly the same, except the last two lines.

Wash with warm water
Use Mild Soap
Dry flat
Don not dry in the dryer
Do not iron
We are sorry that our president is an idiot
We did not vote for him.

I thought this was funny, probably an attempt to stay in business when the American were dumping French wine in the streets because of France lack of support when the US was planning to invade Iraq.

18 Responses to “Labeled Idiot”

  1. 1 toothpick

    lol. brilliant.

  2. 2 kay

    lol, who would have thought, haha, I’m gonna look at the tag of every shirt now

  3. 3 ÜberMan

    Hilarious… I wonder how many neo-cons are wearing these clothes???

  4. 4 abyssinia

    Hilarious indeed!

  5. 5 DawitK

    That was so funny LOL. Anything that makes you standout and different from everyone else is always a clever move!

  6. 6 ÜberMan


    Anything that makes you standout and different from everyone else is always a clever move!

    Perhaps… (not always though). Here is my not so “clever move”: StalkingCat

    Just appreciate the WIT man… Don’t think they were trying to be different, rather sticking to all the WAR mongers… Thats the essence of this label in my opinion.

  7. 7 D.D

    The picture looks like some sort of bag. Is the label used for accessories only?

  8. 8 ÜberMan


    I think it’s some kinda jacket. Size “4″ is like a large or something in European clothes so it can’t be a bad unless they label bags there…

  9. 9 meron

    LOL!!! love it…

  10. 10 Tsega Igwebe


  11. 11 Guadegna

    very funny

  12. 12 BoulkBunkdiece

    i am gonna show this to my friend, man

  13. 13 Tsedey

    Thanks for sharing Nolawi, who knew labels are more than just labels.

    Uberman, are u the stalking cat?

  14. 14 here

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