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Bernos Open House

Time flies when you are busy! Scientists have proved it!

The clock is ticking, 2007 is almost over and we are approaching 2008; Year 2 of bernos is coming to an end. It’s been a great learning experience – with lots of hard work yet so much fun.

For the past 6 month or so we’ve received a lot of emails and phone calls with questions:

How can I buy your t-shirts beside online? Do any stores carry your product? Are any stores going to carry your t-shirts etc…and our response has always been – our t-shirts are only sold online at least for now! But that’s another topic for another day.

Are you ready?

We are in a holiday spirit, so are you ready for a close-up? Are you ready for an exclusive firsthand experience of the behind the scene Bernos live photo shoot? Are you ready for a meeting of the minds and all the Bernos models?

Bernos is having its first Open House!

Come closer! We INVITE YOU to an exclusive free SOIREE of festivities, a showcase of our freshest design “Africa – our inspiration” and our past designs.

Be there; Saturday December 15 at 6 p.m. at Momo’s Bar & Lounge. 1334 U street NW, Washington DC (14th and U Street, next to Barnun and Tabaq)

But wait, they celebrate the Holidays in Africa as well and we have friends everywhere! So start your new Holiday season with style – Holiday Sale until December 17th and all bernos tees are only $18.00, with flat rate shipping internationally. $18.00 and a few clicks to get your pre-packaged holiday presents at your door-steps ready to be gifted.

16 Responses to “O O Open house”

  1. 1 shifta

    Can’t wait…

  2. 2 Nolawi

    Fantastic see you there, shifta… tell all your peeeps…. its goonnna be fun… we have some surprises in the works

  3. 3 Uncle B

    I certainly will consider coming to DC since I get sometime off around that time.

  4. 4 pazion

    Great Nolawi,

    even though I won’t be in DC by then, I will definitely pass the word out. I will miss out big time… wish a great success.


  5. 5 yohanes

    What it do Bernos Crew! It’s always a good time so I will see you all there…

  6. 6 Konjowa

    Thanks Dawit, I will be there and I will bring all my girlfriends.

    What it do indeed!

  7. 7 DawitK

    Thanks guys…and we look forward to see you all there

  8. 8 Wilson

    Thanks Dawitt.

    Great opportunity to meet others and save for this Holidays Seasons. I’ll do my best to attend.


  9. 9 dawitk

    Sounds good Wilson

  10. 10 justme

    so any pictures…??

  11. 11 Nolawi

    yes, a picture album will be up next week.
    and the dafrique tees will be available tomorrow..

    thanks for asking justme….

  12. 12 Seattle Architecture Firm

    Is it the holiday’s again or have we missed this event. In any case, it looks like fun.

  13. 13 Georgianna

    Wonderful views on that!

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