Love @ 1st sight? IV 67 Comments


This article is a follow-up to Love A 1st sight? parts One, Two and Three.

It was quite a rainy day in South Beach Miami that afternoon. A category 4 hurricane has been reported to hit the south side of the peninsula in just about 12 hours. Cool ocean-breeze-turned-to-gusty wind blazed through the window swinging the drapes to all directions, I sat before my open kitchen counter aggressively gulping a glass of wine then pouring one after the other.

“You shouldn’t be drinking alcohol with an empty stomach” she said, coming out of the shower. Clean white towel wrapped around her head. Her dripping wet body covered with another towel from half her breasts down to her upper thighs.

“And would you mind closing the window please? It’s supposed to be a category 4 hurricane. May be we should have evacuated just like the rest of them” she continued.

I could tell she was getting a little irritated and perhaps was wondering why in God’s name I decided to get drunk in mid-day. I didn’t feel like giving her a response. I sat there looking almost depressed.

Andrea was from a rich Brazilian family. She almost always had to have her life in such an order that any deviation from that order means a great disaster for her. I was getting tired of it.

“Why should you care?” I replied, and gulped the half full glass of wine and proceeded to pouring me another one.

“Are you insane? What’s happening to you? Are you trying to kill yourself?” She grabbed the wine bottle from my hand and placed it on top of the fridge.

“Just don’t fuck with me today alright?” I stood up holding my drink and went over to the living room. I turned on the TV, placing both my feet on the coffee table, and holding the glass with one hand, I flipped through the channels not really knowing what was showing on any of them. I just flipped through from lowest number to the highest and back.

“Is there something that’s bothering you?” She said.

“No, I am just not in the mood.”

“Come on baby, talk to me.” She suddenly became calmer. She sat next to me uncovering her beautiful curly brown hair from the towel and fluffing it sideways.

“Have I done something wrong?” she asked.

Usually I would feel guilty to make her believe that something is her fault when it actually is mine. But this time, I felt she was holding me back from something. Something I am not even exactly sure what. I took a long breath.

“No sweetie, you haven’t done anything. Trust me.” I leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

Andrea is an attractive woman both mentally and physically. She sometimes appears to be a little bit of a spoiled little girl, but who could blame her? Last I heard, her father almost owned a town in Brazil. She treats me well and was always very respectful of my social needs and so forth. I on the other hand, have not done justice to her. I have not put any serious thought into our relationship.

“You know I love you, right?” she said.

It’s almost like every time we get into some sort of an argument, she feels she needs to remind me of her love. May be it’s just that I didn’t care enough about her or perhaps my heart wasn’t in the relationship as much as I intended it to be. But I have tried. I have tried to convince myself that this was “It” for me and that I would certainly be happy living with Andrea and even getting married to her. After all, she is gorgeous, smart and from a very rich and respectful family.

But what the fuck is wrong with me? Why couldn’t I find it in my heart to simply settle down and call this nest my home? It was a bit of a mystery. Sara had obviously taken a big chunk of my heart and perhaps, that was a good reason to sit around the house and day-dream about a life I could never have with someone I could never see again. Or, I could try to take matters into my own hands in pursuit of my own destiny and find this girl that seemingly had been rocking my life’s boat through the waves of life that had me sickening for months.

She puts her hand inside my shirt and begins to rub my chest. Andrea knows exactly what to do in a situation like this. I feel guilty most times since she was the only one making a lot of the efforts to keep this relationship going at a healthy pace.

“You’re tense, baby” she begins to seduce me with soft kisses on my chest and my neck and finally rubbing her lips against mine. There is no guilt here. Making love to Andrea was always an adventure. She was very flexible and openly when it comes to sex.

“Baby, I am really not in the mood” I stumbled on the words as my lower lip had already been sucked into her mouth.
I have said that before, but she knew in just about a few seconds, I would be all over her and she would literally rip my clothes off. That was actually one of the best features of our relationship; at least for me.

The sex was always new and to the at most satisfaction to the both of us. After that, she would lay her head on my belly and take a short nap. I would stare at the ceiling in confusion and transcend into an imaginary life that involves someone else. Such an injustice, but I knew that already, which makes it even worse.

She threw the bath-robes on the floor revealing her tanned and firmly tight naked body for a moment of an irresistible temptation. Placing both her knees on the sofa, she sat on my thighs with my face in between her large breasts and both my hands supporting her weight from her bottoms. The physical attraction between the both of us was always incredible. It was amazing to me how I could simply get turned on from the very first touch of my fingers around her skin. Her back and her large breasts have the softest layers of all. Moments like this, I could never have the courage to resist.

I began to gently walk my fingers on her back while her moist lips roamed and wondered and danced around mine. My left hand would then move upward and I would place it softly on her neck, just to let my fingers wonder inside the back of her soft and curly hair playfully rubbing.

Moments into her seductive acts, I was already up for the challenge. I placed the glass of wine on the coffee table, but before I let go, she ripped my shirt open, and the wine went splashing all over the carpet. None of us want to attend to that effect.

I joined my lips with hers and kissed them until every nerve in my body aroused to the occasion. She leaned back; with her body making a bow curve and her hands placed on the coffee table, and the front part of her pelvic area up against my face. I began to caress and taste every inch of her body from the neck down to her thighs until she screamed for more of what I can give. The clean smell of the body wash, and the softness of her skin had me turned on to the point where every part of her body I see, I want my lips to touch.

At this time, she began to lean forward while rubbing my body from her pelvic area. I moved my lips upward her body feeling the sides of her breasts and joyfully playing with the nipples and finally moving up to lock them up with her lips. We must have spent several minutes in those moments until she finally decided to unbuckle my belts and whipped it out completely. I helped by pulling my pants half way down allowing her to take control of what’s now hers. She didn’t waste any time before she guided me into her.

A Moment of true passion. Several minutes had passed before we both let out a lung-full of air in uttering yet complete satisfaction. Andrea then rested her head on the center of my chest with her hair soaked in sweat, and a portion of it almost stuffed in my mouth. Moments like these with Andrea were truly astonishing. I could make love to her for days and still not have enough.

We both sat there completely naked, and unable to move a finger. I could tell from her breathing rhythm that she was falling asleep. I am looking at the wine that was spilt on the rug and the glass that rolled to one corner of the coffee table. My focus got stuck to what I considered was a metaphoric action in reflection of everything else that has happened with me and Sara. No wonder people say “…over a spilt coffee”

But today, I must come clean and confess to my guilt. There is one woman I think about everyday and that woman isn’t Andrea. So how do I tell her? I was tempted to just pack up and leave without saying much. But, that was cruel and an undeniable injustice.

The very next day, I looked up for a flight to London. I was motivated and somehow encouraged by the fact that I could fly out to London and reunite with Sara. I wasn’t really thinking of the consequences I would have to face by abandoning what I have with Andrea. But she has to know; and so there wasn’t really a way around that.

67 Responses to “Love @ 1st sight? IV”

  1. 1 Nolawi

    sure andrea is kool and shit, but come on sara is the best, I too am inlove with sara!

  2. 2 DawitK


    I’m not even going to attempt to read the article at this moment since I’m at work. But it is nice to have you back and I look forward to read it later today.

  3. 3 yea right

    Chelema -

    Thanks for the entertaining story again! I just want to know the name of the book you copied this from ;) coz I want to own the series :) :)

  4. 4 embrt

    chelema, i gotta say that was needlessly cruel.

    Obviously you have a great sexual attraction to andrea but you admit that, that was always the extent of your interest. You could’ve left it as some cozy, casual sex arrangement and if she wasn’t game you could’ve moved on to some one who was. instead, at least in the beginning; you obviously were party to the building of the relationship. once the motivation to continue on with the sham faded away, and by this point she had already fallen in love with you, you muster up the guts to pursue your true desires.

    have enough courage, compassion and clarity of thought to spare the next lady from your indecisiveness.

  5. 5 Nolawi

    yearight, this is orginal content, true or fiction, gin its orginal chelema content.

    First off use your real name and email before you talk this kinda shit. secondly hateration of creative people like chelema and even myself, I noticed comes from people with lack of confidence in their ability to express themselves..

    also I am tired of people using nicks like oh my god, yea right, question… they can’t even comeup with an original nick. Fara hula tesebsebachihu… you love to hate!
    go read a book and learn something

  6. 6 embrt

    wow. it didnt even occur to me that it’d be fiction. if so =chelema, then feel free to ignore my comment.

    u have a quick fuse, nolawi. yea right was paying him a compliment in a round about way.

  7. 7 Chelema

    ow nice, so it is posted.

  8. 8 Sheba

    OK so very interesting. Sounds like a love triangle situation I’m familiar with myself. So what do you do when you can’t stop thinking about a situation (man/woman) that is poisonous to your health, and there appears to be a perfectly loving individual right next to you with their arms stretched out to embrace every living pain in your body, but the thought of being with that person (as perfect as they are) revolts you? Do you a) run like hell, b) pretend to be in bliss and suffer slow, c) confront the truth and out yourself as the asshole you are, or d) write about it……


  9. 9 tsedu

    what is up with you nolawi all pissed off teregaga engi ,you sound like a lonely angry man.

  10. 10 cece

    That was a great story Chelema. U make me escape reality with your stories. Great Job…….I wish you continued telling the story on how yout told Andrea about Sara….but I guess we have to wait till the next episode….hopefully soon…….

  11. 11 Nolawi

    [quote comment="55923"]wow. it didnt even occur to me that it’d be fiction. if so =chelema, then feel free to ignore my comment.

    u have a quick fuse, nolawi. yea right was paying him a compliment in a round about way.[/quote]
    Not a quick fuse, I just tell it the way it is… demo its not a compliment in any way…

    Question I will b deleting any comments from you… get a real nick…

  12. 12 kiki

    Chele, you are back with another entertaining piece. Don’t take too long with part V now.

  13. 13 celebratelife

    Chelema is baaaacccckkkk! I’m so happy :)

    I like Andrea she seems like the woman for ju. Sara needs to be left alone in London. She got on my last nerve in part 3, I wanted to slap her silly how she just broke down and for what? She had you but she cried over the one man she didn’t want. She’s a mess and a whole pile of it too.

    Let Sara be and let her deal with her confused self.

    One thing I’m having a problem with is that you want Andrea for all the wrong reasons. You want the security of being with a wealthy woman and a woman who can rock your world in bed. But like you said your heart is not in it.

    So I ask you is this an example of an Ethiofused man? Cause you is about to pull out the “let’s be friends” card on poor ole Andrea.

    Andrea seems like she don’t take no crap and she ain’t scared of nothin. I’m telling you she’s thinking about sex and comforting her man when there’s a category 4 hurricane knocking on the door. Man I tell you cancel the trip to London. Sara is no good for you. Let her be and flare it up with Andrea.

    But please don’t make us wait for ze next one cause well I won’t make any public threats lol. Please return to the press come on Chelema we’ll pull out the red carpet for you and have champagne and caviar at the door :)

  14. 14 Misrak

    I spent 3 hours reading from love @ 1st sight part 1 to 4, and I must say it was the most entertaining thing I have read in all my years. I wonder if this is fiction or true. Yemelhe gin I think this should be a movie. except part 4 and that is another movie in the making.

    just wow chelema!

  15. 15 meron

    glad youre back chele…

    but of course in true chelema fashion you left me hanging…i want part 5 NOW!!!

  16. 16 Chelema

    meroniye, how could I say no to my future wifey ha? I can’t can I. but thanks for the encouraging words anyway.

    misrak, thanks you too. I am glad to entertain.

  17. 17 wudnesh

    Finally! arif! geen indegena asTebqen alluh degmo!
    I had to go back to the last part…coz forgot how that ended….come’n bizu atAsTebqen this time.

    isti tinish inweyay BP lai degmo silezih (oww, forgot u ain’t there anymore :P )mts.

  18. 18 ababiru

    Reading this hot story, I was picturing Andrea as Roselyn Sanchez. Boy, did that add spice to the already steaming story.

    Chelema, nice to have you back with another installment of love at first sight. I have to say the story that brought me out of free grazing.

    Celeb, lol about Ethiofused man. I say take that London trip and see where things go with Sara. He can never give Andrea what she wants as long as his heart and mind are with Sara.

  19. 19 sky

    Welcome back Chelema with Love @ First sight.
    Looking forward to the next story. You seriously should conisder writing a book, you are that good!!

  20. 20 injera

    Chele: I’m waiting for the movie version to come out… what’s the status?

  21. 21 tsegaye gebiba

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  22. 22 tsedu

    tsegaye i think you are looking for the oprah show.

  23. 23 winta

    Honestly ,
    haven’t seen the other ones but I like this .The flow is nice and the story is catchy .You know there is a but here .So But ,Too much details on the Sex part made me forget the gist of the story .You don’t have to explain to your readers the analogy of the wine .
    What else ?some of your expressions are Amharic ,
    I really don’t knwo If that is good or bad though.
    other than that -Cool story

  24. 24 sidetegaw

    Yo Chele, what do I gotta do to make you lock ur door, unhook the phone nd get down wiz ze next part?? name ur price bro lol… a talent like this dont come often so when we start cravin it, dont treat us like…
    p.s. im takin it personally as u can c… nd itz all ur fault lol very well done once again still, cant wait to ze next one…
    p.s. do you knaw how many ppl read the 1st parts of this story? i enjoyed it so much, i let enough ppl read it..after that it was everybody’s request to get the link…waitin mah share from Bernos still lol

  25. 25 mimi

    I love it…it was worth the waiting. I love ur style, the fact that its got Amharic style makes it UNIQUE…love it just love. Keep up da work and hope to read part V soon

  26. 26 Weregna Lij

    I am sure lot of ya would agree with me.This is the habeshan version of “trapped in the closet ” type of shit.
    R.Chelema you are somethin’. I’m a big fan!

  27. 27 Ephraim

    Please I need Part 5 it’s so good its going to be my breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

  28. 28 Guadegna

    WOW- how did I miss all these episodes… So where is part V

  29. 29 maebel

    I vote for the Brazilian Afrodait.
    Chelema, A beautiful piece as ever. Don’t forget emailing me your first Novel autographed by you.

  30. 30 SEATTLE

    Bro, I don’t know about part IV, But 1 2 3 is one of the best thing I ever read, I pass it on to my friend on my address book, every one like it except one chick, We are waiting Da # Five (V)! Keep doing what you do the best, ~Respect~

  31. 31 SEattle

    U have the talent in u brother. Please take us out of the fanatsy life. U can do much much better !!!!!!

  32. 32 lemat

    Can anyone please tell me which archives should I look for part 1, 2 & 3 of this interesting story? I read part IV and didn’t want to stop. Chelema keep up the good work.

  33. 33 Nolawi

    check the first paragraph.. there are links

  34. 34 lemat

    Never mind I found the link to those parts thanks

  35. 35 M

    When is part V coming?

  36. 36 Guadegna


    Imagine my surprise when I got the local Ethiopian News paper (Mestawet)and found this story printed. I knew I had read it somewhere. It is titled A night in Addis …a true story. The paper is up to part 3 now.

    Yeah when is part V coming out.

  37. 37 Nani

    WOW, is all I have to say … I’m barely recovering from the mental imagery, the intensity of emotions and expression … this is nothing like anything I’ve read before… I’m just sitting here thinking “how the hell have I not come across this series of blogs before?”

  38. 38 Mimi

    pls continue the story… you always have us hanging in the end and making us wait for for the next series impatiently…

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