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Yes, We've announced it, We've talked about it, and now its here?

If you don’t know what we are talking about, you are fara! What is fara? You are fara!

Fara people ask themselves stupid questions like why is it so special? why should I use it?minamin minamin; well, don’t use it! We don’t want fara people!

But are bernoswoch special? Good question! No we are not special, but it’s just that we are not fara like you, who asks stupid questions!

We will tell you one thing though, we are exclusive and we love censorship!

  • Exclusive: Registration for the Bernos Press is open for till January 31 2:30pm Eastern time. After, that you are going to apply to get in to Bernos Press .
  • Censorship: Yes we censor you, if we do not like what you have to say we delete it. If its not personal we don’t like it. If you are unhappy we kick you out.

If you like what we had to say try it , if you didn’t like it, don’t try it! We don’t care! You are Fara anyways!


  1. Go here and click on “Apply for membership.”
  2. Fill out the form and read the “Term of Service” and click “I agree” and “Proceed.”
  3. Once you’ve completed registration, an email will be sent to you.
  4. Open the email and click the link in order to activate your account. You need to do this or your account will remain inactive.
  5. That’s it!

Join Now and Press it! or Stay Fara!


For top Bernos Press users by the end of by January 31 2:30pm eastern time.

  1. Top Fifteen users will receive Free Blen Art Show Catalog seen here in PDF! (courtesy from Ephrem from Blengrafix)
  2. Top five users will receive free Sold in Merkato Tshirt of their choice, in addition prize number 1!
  3. The number one user receive 2 Bernos Tshirts of their choice, in addition prize number 1 and 2!

So ya, if still don't know, you are fara!

Last but not least Everything on the Bernos Press is in Beta- testing phase – a lot of customizations will be coming! 

Due to an overwhelming response we have turned a feature to apply to join the Bernos Press! Basically we will accept almost everyone with an email address but we will be more cautious after Jan 31.

39 Responses to “Are You Fara?”

  1. 1 Wondata


  2. 2 wudnesh

    At 2:30 I was half listening to my class mate….eager to see what’s on Bernos Press….erre lihidbet…ok, i’ll get you the book…I don’t even know if I have the book she’s talking about…just let me go! Bernos Press is on!

  3. 3 Shanty

    So, what does FARA really mean? Is there an English term for it?

    Nolawi, picture a new T-Shirt that reads… “Are you FARA?” better yet, “Are you a recovering FARA?”

  4. 4 Dinich


    If you don’t know what FARA is, look no further. You are FARA. So, in short FARA is someone like you.


  5. 5 celebratelife

    Fara…hmm I think it means dufus, clueless, 50 degrees below zero. I don’t know the literal translation but I know it to mean someone who is very, very challenged from trying new things.

    All I have to say to you sista is you better go to the press and get back your man DawitK cause they’re eating him alive. I’m not saying who but they’re all working together. The damn thing is more addictive then the blog.

  6. 6 Shanti

    Dinich… lol, thanks for the info! Now, I know for sure I’m FARA… and others like me will know ;)

    KeFafe… yemeneuw – I was joking eko…

  7. 7 Shanti

    Celebratiye… your timing is good! I was reading all the chatting in there and boy was I surprised to see our “humble” DawitK flirting with all the ladies… all that talk about getting a hotel room??? huh, I think Wudisha and all the ladies bribed Nolawi to get that early invite from him to the press room… cause, I got no invite.

    Nolawi, I thought there was love between us… what is up with that???

  8. 8 celebratelife

    Shanti, I wish you were in there fighting and getting him back. You know I’ve been cheering for the two of you to hook up. Actually I miss that you’re not on the blog that often. Love your humor! Ok time for another Java break.

  9. 9 wudnesh

    Dinich! Celebrate…abet mewelawel! i thought u were cheerring for me and DK. Shantiye…u r missed…show up at B-Press.

  10. 10 Shanti

    Wudisha, how do you do me like that, right under my nose? Just because I’m having difficulties logging into Bernos press; you, the one who I considered to be my girl has gone and stolen MY man… gen min’taderge… he just lovessss the attention, eko.
    Celebratiye, good looking out… you are #1 on my friends list, I know you have my back… Wudisha… anchi, I have to watch you :P learning a few words in Svedish and all (“MY första kärlek” – first love????? -WHAT?)

    Nolawi, esti hurry up on getting my log in to work… I’m cool not getting that special invite but brother hook a sister up quickly now…

  11. 11 munit

    so those gorillas are Faras or what’s the connection with them, (am kind of Fara myslef you know)

  12. 12 Nolawi

    Due to an overwhelming response we have turned a feature to apply to join the Bernos Press! Basically we will accept almost everyone with an email address but we will be more cautious after Jan 31.

  13. 13 tiakonjo

    Did you guys know that the first habasha man on the moon is Chereka Wolde Mikeal go check out my bloggs on habeshahook up

  14. 14 bgFelasfit

    lol munit!!

    so those gorillas are Faras or what’s the connection with them, (am kind of Fara myslef you know)

    I was thinking of naming each of the cute gorrillas :P (scroll down to section of “team”)

  15. 15 first timer

    First timer….Hope I am welcome here.

  16. 16 Nolawi

    first timer, i declined your application to join only because you wanted your user name to be Bernos1 even on your comment…

    that is a no no!

  17. 17 Lambadina

    How about now….Nolawi

    y-fara neger hono newe


  18. 18 Shanti

    First timer, I welcome you with open arms. I’m not the owner of this blog but a member by choice. I’m sure Nolawi will welcome you as he did me; he is very accommodating that way.
    Just a warning… you have just signed up to be part of the most addictive blog ever ;)
    So, once again, welcome to our dysfunctional family…

  19. 19 Lambadina

    Thank you Shanti…unfortunatley I was declined by Nolawi with a valid point….but that user name was just for trying.

  20. 20 Temelkach

    Shantiye…Fara actually is a term used to refer to all that are not “getting with the program” and obviously referred to by those who believe are more clever….Noliye this was no name-calling…just pure explanation and translation…;)

  21. 21 Nolawi

    yap I suppose I need an explanation of what the word fara is… i got up this week and started using it for no apparent reason…

    I suppose i could have used any word to make my point…

  22. 22 sose

    let me put it what is Fara means:

    Fara is Romanian word.In Romanian FARA means ‘without’
    Fara means danger. for sweden
    Fara means like stone age.
    Fara means for abesha Balager, like from Gonder or Welkeyett people
    1. betlew betlew yemaygebew Gegemma
    2. tebba Bekka you know.if you don’t know u are Fara

    Fara= some one talk like yayayayay that Gojam accent

    don’t be a fara even Gegemma

  23. 23 Mestwate

    Tena yestelegn Bernosanoch …

    One week since I have found Bernos. I am already extermely addicted.This is one of the most addictive habesha webites since Seleda(RIP).

  24. 24 Nolawi

    Thanks Mestwate, that is an honor!

  25. 25 ad

    I came across this interesting letter addressed to Teddy Afro and thought you would like to share it with your viewers. Here is the link:

  26. 26 Mest'wat


    Honour is for those who lead by serving their people. And sure enough, Bernos is such a tool.

    What I like about Bernos is, it is a Web2.0 social collaboration website. Unlike Seleda (Web1.0) Bernos has the ability to create social collaboration within the habesha community.

    Keep it up…

  27. 27 Mest'wat

    I am having a problem accessing the Press.
    Can anyone help?

  28. 28 MIchael

    As far as I know, the word fara is a street born vocabulary, which has deep meaning of the lower abitlity of a mind to challenge the random and zigzag life around city corners. Its opposite word, as we all know, is ARADA……who is ME


  29. 29 Nolawi

    but arada is not a street word at all..

  30. 30 Lilye

    TenaYisTilign Bernosoch,

    First time but have been with the program for some time, wich has now become a full blown addiction! I feel already part of the family. Thanx all of you.

    Question: how do I access the press?

  31. 31 bgFelasfit

    just go to the press tab on the top – it’s the 4th one from shop etc.. and then you can apply for membership – if u apply now, u’ll get access right away…

  32. 32 sam

    yes i am Fara then what will up tell me

  33. 33 zenchalaw

    qelal fara numero A fara negn mitata alew abo ymechachennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  34. 34 Kidus

    I dont know what does it mean “Fara” but I know in my language it means that some one is not active with any thing and inocent for his give me more information about the site and all animals.

    thankyou my Fara

  35. 35 Nolawi

    Thank you guys? we are closing comments on this post. This is just an announcement on the release of the bernos press.

    If you want to check it out, you may apply for membership.

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