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Over the next three days week  I will be posting a three part series of crowning works of art by three major musical artists. The interest being on the song rather than the artists; these are songs which I personally deem greatest songs in modern Ethiopian music history.

I am neither an expert nor a musician, but what I have is love for good Ethiopian music & interest to learn the history of these monumental works of art, which even after decades pass still influence the current and upcoming Ethiopian artists. Just because Ethio Jazz is not here doesn’t mean we can’t have great music.

So,Without further adew! I reintroduce in the form of podcast the song titled “ere mela mela

Ere mela mela was recorded over a 3 year period between 1975 – 1977 by Mohamud Ahmed on vocals, Fèqadu Amdè-Mesqel on Saxophone, Tèwodros Meteku on Saxophone and Giovanni Rico on Bass.

a record so sublime, passionate and demanding, that numerous plays only hint at its greatness. Despite the language barrier, it's hard to imagine that anyone with open ears can play this record and not get sucked into its glorious undertow of sound. The Ibex band (featuring the great sax duo of Feqadu Amde-Mesquel and Tewodros Meteku) swings, wails, jumps, and jives, and Ahmed's voice is in excellent form." #

Fracis Falcetto in his book, Abbisinnie Swing writes;

For many years, all that westerners knew of Ethiopian music was limited to Mahmouds Ahmed's cult album Ere mela mela,…. released for the first time in 1986. The first eruption of this brassy, elecric urban pop, swinging and hypnotic, heart rending and funky, so unusual, so different from anything coming from African continent… 

Regardless of what the experts say to me its the lyrics that it poetic and rhythmic; podcasted is Ere Mela Mela!

76 Responses to “Crowning I”

  1. 1 Nolawi

    I was actually listening to this song at lunch to see If I had made a mistake on picking the right three songs…

    and I am convinced now that this is the quintessential mohamud Ahmad song, that paved a way for the yeshiharegitu’s and his version of Tizeta…

    the lyrics are wonderful, especially

    endew mela mela ereeee Mela,
    endew mela mela ereeee Mela,
    alefelegime fiqir kanchi lela!

    its rhythmic and not corny love song.. I made the right choice…

  2. 2 celebratelife

    Ok so growing up I was not big on Amarenga Musika but this one I will never forget listening to it and thinking oh I so want to be in love…alfelgem fikir kanchi lela….just makes me melt and chiver all over. I appreciate music if I like the lyrics and this is truly poetic and amazing. Wow memories thank you for podcasting.

  3. 3 wudnesh

    Someone once told me that Mahmoud sang Yeshiharegitu after he heard a friend was refused the hand of the love-of-his-life in marriage because her parents didn’t consider him affluent enough…
    And how beautifully he constructed the words!

  4. 4 keSel

    Nolawi, you fucked up big time on this, i think this is one of the worst mohamoud songs… I know the africa song is better than this one…

    yo7u and falcetto do not know what you are talking about…

  5. 5 temari

    I have strong memories of Yeshiharegitu … especially because it was playing on a taxi that I took after breaking up with someone by the same name. Ofcourse at the time it was heart wrentching, a gloomy day in addis as the taxi took the down hill short cut from piassa to Aratkilo (via the lottery building…coming out by the Menilik palace, cutting through the dirty corners of Addis). I was still a kid then, but thinking about it now I remember it with fondness. Of course our reason for breaking up wasn’t at all what Mahmoud was singing about … but who cared at the time – he was calling her name! and I was in love (or I thought I was).

    I think Mahmoud is just timeless … IMHO the best Ethiopian singer of all time. He is the one I listen to when I am up or down. Good pick Nolawi. My other favorites are Lijemir Chewata

    Lijemir Chewata, Dar Dar libelilish (2)
    yetizitan, yetizitan, yetizitan neger esti ligletsilish…

    Engidaye Nesh, Tizita, Endet Nesh (Shegiyewa),

    Zerfafa Kemisua Tifruan Yeshefenew
    Chinua Tegelalto Be Ayn Yalgobegnenew
    Kulkuletun Sitwerd Eyangoragorech
    Beye Gebeyaw Ken Yemayat Neberech
    Shegiyewan Leglaga, Dimamuan Gubilitwan
    Endet Nesh Beluligne Yemitawku Betwan
    Wede Yifat Sitwerd Tiringowan Azla
    Yifrata Sitzelk Muzwan Anteltila
    Majete Sitweta Papaye kolkula
    “Ye Haken Tenagerku Kefekedew yigzu
    Teyih Wedia Ayleksim, wizigib Ayabzu”
    Yalechigne Koreda ye asra-amist ametuan
    Endet Nesh Beluligne Yemitawku Betwan
    Shegiyewan Leglaga, Dimamuan Gubilitwan
    Endet Nesh Beluligne Yemitawku Betwan (2)
    Eteeeeeeeeee … Endet Nesh, Endet Nesh, Endet Nesh Beluligne

  6. 6 temari

    How About Melkamu Tebeje’s Ere Mela Mitu (Another on of my favorites) [forgot to include it in the last one]….what can I say I am (was) a romantic. Ye Ayin Fikir ema endene yetechawetebet yelem … ay lijinet endezare tewat sira mata sira sayhon nuro.

  7. 7 Wudnesh

    temari……TNX for the lyrics….and I thought I was a #1 fan!

  8. 8 lulu

    Nolawi – wow, this brings back such fond memories. In my opinion, among some of the greatest singers Ethiopia has produced, Mahmoud Ahmed is one of them. The ere mela mela album, I think, is Mahmoud’s best. It has such a relaxing and addictive effect. In general, I believe that good Ethiopian music is as addictive as our injera bewat.

  9. 9 Nolawi

    hey how about you guys respond to the keSel

    i am not in the mood for mekerakerign at this time….

    if i was in the mood i would say 'keSel I am sorry that you have bad taste'… qeTilu.. sewoch

    there is a couple of link on bio, here and here 

  10. 10 FlorNueva

    Good pick!
    Mahamoud, Tilahun and Bezuye are my top 3 fave artists.
    (not necessarly in that order)
    Mahamoud’s voice takes me to a time when we used to take family road trips to Sodere with my dad. Especially the album with the song “teteshe mechenek teteshe beMegabet kortesh neYyelgn berTetsh” That tape used to play all the way to sodere and back. I think it had just come out at that time and my parents would add their commentary. It also reminds me of when i used to listen to my Mom hum Mahamoud’s songs. “edegena fiker endegena,…endegena ayegegnm ena…”
    Becha, Mahamuoud transports me to the good old day to a time when all was perfect in the world.

  11. 11 lulu

    Nolawi – Thank you for posting the podcast and the links…very entertaining at the end of a busy day. You made my day!

  12. 12 celebratelife

    I thought the main point of this topic was, “The interest being on the song rather than the artists”.

    Are you reading the info or just playing the music and concluding we’re discussing the best songs of Mohamud Ahmed? I think you f’d up big time! Let Nolawi do what he does best….keep us informed.

  13. 13 Nolawi

    celebrate thanks for the support minamin gin my point was that kesel picked a song that is so corny to disput me eko malete nuew..

    you guys know the song that goes selam selam selam seelaaam Be' africa.. I even remember that song on video on hibret treat…

    i mean that is a good song but com'on that is a beauty pageant song aydel ende…

    what do you want? for peace all over the world…. mts…

    if she said Tizita, or Metché Nuew or Yeshi Haregitu… then maybe… you know..maybe we could argue..

    and my favorate

    zaf tila sir honen sinemekakere ; zaf tila sir honen sinenegagere eneman neberu?

  14. 14 temari

    I remember the Selam song … it was on TV day and night as the Dergue saw that it was about to fall and was scrambling for an agreement with Woyanne (Selam be Alem Zuria Hulu) It was a good song, but I think there was a propaganda message behind it. But it ofcourse came too late, by then the rebels knew they were winning.

  15. 15 lulu

    Nolawi – I think this is purely a matter of refined taste in music….some have it, some don’t. I would leave it at that.

  16. 16 Nolawi

    ya ya ya temari right on… so it was a propaganda song.. but still i used to like it…i remember the white doves and mohamuds white abesha libs…

    i used to sit next to ahmad in 5th grade INS.. ahmad was mohamuds son.. so his name was ahmad mohamud ahmad… and you would draw a diamond shape on the desk and insert his name in it….

    once a week or so mohamud would stand outside and wait for ahmad.. and we used to ran around him and say “i ran around mohamud…”

    sometimes he would wait in his white peugeot outside… so one day my grandfather was picking me up but mohamud’s car was in the way.. and my gf beeped the horn to no avail ..mohamud wouldn’t move… so my gf got mad and said denkoro… muzika bet eyeameshe clask aysemawume… and then i started laughing…

    mts the memories…

  17. 17 chelema

    wonderful picks Nolawi. This song reminds me of a lot of things. It is the absolute liberator of my soul when I am depressed for whatever reason.

    Great songs are like time machines. They take you back to a precise location in time and allow you to re-live it. For me, this song does JUST that.

  18. 18 chelema

    by the way, I am talking about Mohammud (Ere Mela mela)

  19. 19 meron

    Mohamud Ahmed…although im a huge fan of era mela…how about tizita? now that is the greatest song ever recorded period!!! Nolawi…im still waiting

  20. 20 Tobian

    hmm … i’m just curious if keSel is for charcoal or keSel, is for somebody from the mender called Sel, or if its what can otherwise be spelled as qeTSel (adj.) ?

    Yemin Africa song? The peace song said ‘be’alem zuria hulu, lesew zer bemulu’.

    My favorite mohamud song is ‘tew limed gelaye, gelaye, tew limed gelaye …. titoh yeheden sew gelaye/ atbel kelelaye, tew limed glaye ..” By the time it gets to “wenCHfem yitaTef yiseqel kemamaw, mafqer kaltaldelkugn libae keteQema ” … mts! Sew indet zefen ladamT bilo rasun depress yaregal?

    Yes, “ere beketemaw, indiaw behageru …” is good too. It comes in second :-)

    To digress a little, the one song I’d like to have is the song by some AAU(?) choir that went something like ‘africa, africa, africa ahugurachn … ‘. The used to play it on ETV during Dergue, usually as a prelude to some news/even on Africa. My mom claims it was recorded by some ferenj dude who used to arrange the music and play it with AAU students during Haile Selassie.

    Lela : all songs of Tesfaye Gebre (or i think they’re by him) including,
    -”Sport leTen’net, lemirimirrrr(?), lewedajnet … Sport ….”
    - “Ethiopia, Ethiopia … in the east of Africa….. Inat ityopya, wuditwa hagerae, beTaaaam yiwodishal tesfaye gebre …”

    This guy was a rocker, or something … !

  21. 21 temari

    Good taste Tobian. It has been such a long time since I heard Tesfaye Gebre’s songs … used to love Ethiopia, Ethiopia. Anyone who has it should post it.

  22. 22 FlorNueva

    i think the Africa song keSel is reffering to is
    “Anchi Africa…anchi Africa…” i forget but it was on a recent release before the album w.the serg zefens (ZeleAleme ??)
    I did not like it that much….and def. not MA’s best.

  23. 23 Nolawi

    I doubt keSel is talking about this…

    anchi africa… i actually planned to podcast that post called africa songs from ethiopia

    there with chachi, gigi, aster, bole2harlem and ofcource mohamad

    speaking off mohamod songs there is another one that had planned to podcast,, its about food.. ethiopian foods

  24. 24 chelema

    Ye-Konomi Wanchaa- Buna Buna…. I still love it. Reminds me of those mornings, Shai Be-Wotet, and a loaf of bread to go with it. Sometimes ..chornaqe? That song was my clock telling me to get my butt up to school…

  25. 25 lulu

    I found this video on youtube titled Ere Mela Mela 2000 provided by Lionel Hoche’s dance company.

  26. 26 temari

    Chelema :) Walta not Wancha. I used to think it was Ye Ekonomi Warka but that never made sense either.

  27. 27 Nolawi

    no that is not the song i was talking about … the one i was talking about goes

    megbachine ege eskoretimal

  28. 28 lulu

    Nolawi – Sorry, I did not pay close attention to the video when I posted the link. I was just watching their movement to the music. After further reading on the type of award it received, I now understand better. Please feel free to remove the link as it is not my intention to offend anyone.

  29. 29 chonese

    How about Getu Ayele’s
    Ene civil hogne miste
    hamsa alka ye set wotader……

    anybody remeber this song??

  30. 30 Mengedegna

    Ahh…talk ’bout great songs!!! Good choice, Nalowi!! Love it.
    Like many people, Mohamoud tops my all time Ethiopian zefagn list!! His songs just stir up so many feelings and emotions and bizu bizu tizetawoch!
    Even as a lil kid, his songs were the only ones tha won my heart. It was at a much later age tha I started to develop appreciation for other artists’ songs.
    Anyway, here are some tunes, other than ‘ere mela mela’, for consideration (in no particular order).

    -Sintun Asalefkut (YeTint YeTewatun) – Mohamoud
    -Aynoche Terabu – Mohamoud
    -Tewlimed Gelaye (ahhh…used to shed tears back then) – Mohamoud
    -Yeshi Haregitu – Mohamoud
    -Engidayenesh – Mohamoud
    -Bey Tireegn – Mohamoud
    -Ameseginalehu – Mohamoud
    -Endegena – Mohamoud
    -Lijemir Chewata (dar dar libelilesh…lansalish Chewata…yetizetan yetizetan negeer esti ligletsilesh…minamin) – Mohamoud
    -Ketto salawq yizognal fikir kesua – Mohamoud
    -Bemin Sebeb Litelash – Mohamoud

    -Demo Jemeregn – Ephrem Tamiru
    -Anchi Kalmeselesh – Ephrem Tamiru
    -Shegiye – Ephrem Tamiru
    -Ama-le-le-le yene konjo – Ephrem Tamiru
    -Jemaye ney ney – Ephrem Tamiru
    -Qir qir eyalegn…saTash eyekefagn – Ephrem Tamiru
    -Akale shegiyee neyi bemitiwedjiat enat..(1976 Eth Calendar) – Ephrem Tamiru

    -Sewenetwa – Muluken Melesse

    -Akal Aynishin – Tilahun Gessesse
    -Sitihed Siketelat – Tilahun Gessesse
    -Bemishit Chereka – Tilahun Gessesse
    -Ere Min Yishalegnal – Tilahun Gessesse
    -Felige asfelige yan semon yaTahuat…minamin – Tilahun Gessesse
    -Kiffu Ayinkash – Tilahun Gessesse
    -Yehiwote Hiwot – Tilahun Gessesse
    -Ye’zenbaba Marr Nesh – Tilahun Gessesse

    -Kabu – Aster
    -Angoraguralehu ??(Yemata Yemata??) – Aster
    -Welela – Aster
    -Etitite (shevering) – Aster
    -Tizeta – Aster and also Bezawork

    -Dehna Hugni Fikre – Melkamu Tebeje
    -Eemeye yesergish lett Tirew dersognal… (dont know the title) -Tsegaye Eshetu
    -Ene Ewedishalehu – Getachew Kassa
    -Tizeta Ayaredjim – Menelik Wossenachew
    -Gara Seer Naew Betish – Teshome Mitiku

    I have lots of favourite songs and kinda find it hard to pick a particular song for “crowning” as the all time favourite.

  31. 31 Mengedegna

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention Bizunesh Bekele’s “Minim Salasibew”. Great song! :)

  32. 32 Tobian

    Mengedegna, nice list!

    Indet new … Mengedegna by Hamelmal’s not in your list?

    Man, the song Gara Seer Naew Betish, I didn’t know who it was by, or the title, and every so often it’d just get stuck in my mind. That’s a great song. Errrr … does anybody have the song? :-)

    To add to your list (possibly we’re referring to the same songs w/ different titles)

    Temeleshilign – Efrem Tamri
    Anesasahalehu – Efrem Tamru

    (I’hedalehu) Harar – Tsegaye Eshetu
    Abay Negade – Tsegaye Eshetu

    Nanu Nanu Naye – Muluqen Melese
    I also used to like his riddle song “1 lomi wedqa hulet agegnwat … 2 agigntewat 10 aneswat …30 belwat …. yihen yemifeta yigba yiCHawet’. Not sure what title.

    Another song I can’t remember too well “Asa abelashalehu abay dar new bete …doro fitfit’ma kewedet abate” (which kinda funny for a guy to be singing on that topic … does he mean he doesn’t have Teff/doro so she can make him firfir, so now he’ll get her fish so she can gut/clean it and make him asa tibs?)

    Lelllaaa … the unidentified q’ne song : “inae ieyewededkwat, iswa iyeTelachin ..simada simada, simada agebachign.” The guy on TV used to dance funny.

  33. 33 Nolawi

    Mengedegna, i am so impressed man, all those songs I am familiar with and love…

    you are right that its hard to pick favs, but I was not picking favs as suppose picking a song that was influential to other musicians and songs…

    I think artists are influenced by great art, so i was attempting to pick a song that showed a style that other artists could not help but replicate….

    so I think this is one of those songs, its by far not my favorite… its just one of those great songs….IMHO…

    two more songs left and once you find out what I picked I think you will agree…

    also..maybe you can email US…you know where?

  34. 34 chelema


    that was by Teshome Aseged.

    Bejooooche Eyedaaaasesku….
    Seaw Kemaydersibeeeeeeet…
    Garaaaa seir neaw betish…..(Garaaaaaa Seir new betish)



  35. 35 adey

    I am working from home today and totally abondoned work to listen to this and read the entries. Enante endatasbarirugn. Great selection, Mahmoud is my all time fav.

  36. 36 Mengedegna

    I agree, Nolawi. I know where u comin’ from, and it makes a lotta sense. Many of the current and even some of the “not-so-old” have been greatly influenced by artists like Mohamoud, Aster, Tilahun and the likes.
    Am waitin to hear your other other two selection. I’m sure they’ll be as good as “Ere Mela Mela“.

    Tobian – the list was definitely not a complete one, which is why I’ve left out so many songs, such as Hamelmal’s “Shurubaye Na Na” and “Yasab Mengedegna“. It’s quite hard to write an exhaustive list – so many songs!
    It’s funny you mentioned Tsegaye Eshetu’s “Ehedalehu Harar“. I was just listenin to it earlier. There’s also this other one tha goes like “Emiye yesergish lett Tirew dersognal ameseginalehu…minamin“. Very beautiful yet sad song. There’s also Neway’s “Aya-ya-ya-ya….leyebicha” and “Egnaw Initareq” and then there’s Martha Ashagari whom I find very bold and entertainin. I particularly remember “Binor Minalebet” and “Endedirow yishalal…selamin selam yiweldal

    Btw, I do have a few of those songs I listed above includin “Gara Seer Naew Betish” and would be happy to share them with, Nolawi. Is nolawi at gmail dot com the address

  37. 37 Nolawi

    nolawi.petros @ gmail.. nuew… but i was refering to the info bernos email…

  38. 38 Mengedegna

    Thanx. Yeah, I know the contact addy for Bernos.orginfo at bernos dot org.

  39. 39 zgent

    I remember Teshome Asegid playing all of Tsehome Mitkus songs in the night clubs of Addis, most frequently at Aros. I am not sure but Mitiku preceeded Asegid and perhaps sang gara ser new betesh first. Anyways, my all time favorite of Teshome Mitiku is Mot AdeladloN. I want that song to be played at my wedding first and ofcourse followed by Yehiwote hiwote. YenEna yefiqrE leb teCHebabTew siqelTu tayeN!

  40. 40 Alpha

    Ere, I know I’m late responding to all this…. but I How come Tewoderos Tadesse, the old Teddy, not on anyones list???? :-(

  41. 41 Qeyo

    I agree with Nolawi on the fact that Ere Mela Mela was very influential in the Ethiopian music scene. But my favourite Mohamud Ahmad song happens to be Loga. It goes something like this….

    Sitatef, shinTish sizerega
    ay daLesh, siberr ende’Alenga
    sab-elem, sab-elem, wogebish leglaga
    anchi lij, Tembelel nesh loga, ay loga …

    …amazing song! Anchi Bale Game comes in second place.

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