Interlude to Nonesense 59 Comments

beer taps uncharted like meer maps
galileaic livers carted to ice-capped summits
what are limits
but self-deprecating tennets to the curious?
the serious turn biles
to the dials of cirius
delirious taps on a dell’s eeriest keys
bored if it weren’t for the dells’ funkiest beats
alexander bell’s chunkiest rings
marry voice to my ears
while mary’s poised with much ease
the holy ghost’s beauty to virginity’s beast
refuse my own birth when the most is my least
when my breath is on lease
with no option to buy
respiration’s a lie
expiration, a high
blasphemy, a sigh
because divinity lies in relief
sculpted beyond the belief most be on
pulpits rot from termites of peons
the meek shall decorate the earth with crayons
and yellow will play god
raping red into a shamed orange
and masturbating blue to a jealous green
with over-zealous screams that echo, "let go!"

59 Responses to “Interlude to Nonesense”

  1. 1 Tobian

    Dinq’nesh besemay … almaz yiza. ;-) Demo min ingest arek?

    Some very surprising/amusing lines, my fav being dell’s funkiest keys and the masturbating/jealous colors.

  2. 2 Nolawi

    raping red into a shamed orange

    what does this mean?

  3. 3 kiki

    It is always wonderful visiting your world. I feel like Alice.

    the meek shall decorate the earth with crayons
    and yellow will play god

    I love it!!

  4. 4 wudnesh

    when am I going to understand what Toothpick says..asterguami, anywhere?

  5. 5 Coca

    so over my head

  6. 6 Mengedegna

    Ahhh….that’s profoundly deep!

  7. 7 bgFelasfit

    u gotta get ur blog up so that I could read ur other stuff…! daym u’re hella intriguing!

    gotta repeat tobian’s Q: Demo min ingest arek?… tho i think some ingestion may have inspired ur writing it has either gotta be some crazy potent khat or some other hyperactivity stimulat — jus something that puts ur thought-process into overdrive to come up with these riddles…
    O the vices of this world!!

    Happy new year lehulachihum.

  8. 8 chelema

    Toothpick, I am sure Busta Rhymes will be interested in this piece. It will make one hell of a hit single.
    I couldn’t go beyond the…
    Beer taps…..
    then I got stuck.

  9. 9 Wudnesh


    at least you got to the second line!

  10. 10 chelema

    So how did everyone spend the new year’s eve? any interesting story to tell? please share.

  11. 11 Rahwina

    Toothpick, you’ve delivered again…always entertaining, I love how the words are so colorful yet their meanings are so simple….and I love how you paint an environment and throw words like “galileaic livers carted to ice-capped summits” …Totally a Wordsworth in the making ;)

  12. 12 Wudnesh

    their meanings r simple? u must be kidding. I’m lost in the jungle then.

  13. 13 toothpick

    it is mostly exactly what the title implies … a nonsensical interlude of sorts … but i guess, like rahwina said, there might be something simple about it … *shrugs* … it’s all sort of very pepto-bismolish.

  14. 14 celebratelife

    Toothpick, I love this part because this is the only one I get/got,

    refuse my own birth when the most is my least when my breath is on lease with no option to buy

    You still manage to get me to run for the Tylenol bottle for relief.

  15. 15 Shanti

    Toothpick, I love you! Your thought process is very interesting, unlike any other. I have never met you but each time I read your comments or articles, I am in a different world – definitely not in yours, doubt I would survive there, but I would love a round trip ticket someday.

    I often wonder what it would be like to be in your presence face to face? Next time I’m in the DC area, I hope we’ll have the opportunity to meet up for coffee? Do you speak using similar words as your writing?

    Regarding this article… boy, Toothpick, I’m with Celebrate… I have been searching for that extra strength Excedrin trying to figure what in the world you were trying to say, finally I decided to take note of the title – Interlude to Nonsense! I spent all week trying to make sense of your article without posting anything as I was determined to figure it out. At times, I questioned my ability to understand the English language. Did I mention that I love you?

  16. 16 bgFelasfit

    Glad u’re back shantii! we missed your sincere and heartfelt posts @ bernos :)

    yea…toothpick’s piece def cries out: read me again!! I was hella betam confused and intrigued, ina it took lotsa munching in the brain to catch even small bits of the poem…
    I second Rahiwina!! Toothpick, u’re truly betam talented — and I’m itching for more to read! please please get your blog up again!!! have u considered submitting ur stuff to get published @ mags/ poetry competitions ?
    ….ewnetim, how’s toothpick like in Amharigna ina beperson? betam intrigue taregaleh (excuse my amhanglish)…& I promise this has nothing to do with your hair!! :P …I luv the way u play with language, words we.ze.te.!!!!

    I must have read this poem 5 times or more– I’m luvin’ it!! esp after reading it once more when inspired by shanti’s post, I decided to start out a working tirgum of my own…
    betam sorry for butchering the poetic beauty of the words:
    I’ll be attempting to match the interlude to nonesence with my own qibzera and its commentry :) After all, the best poets remain in literature classrooms @ colleges for years with generation after generation of students processing the meanings, metaphores minamin….60-70% of these times, these students are also sittin there just plain bullshitting (till more practised)… which I’m about to pleasurably indulge in! :)

    Here’s part uno:

    beer taps (yebira termus kidanoch) congregate just like lines comprising uncharted maps
    the wandering livers (like galileo) are transported up to the summits.
    those are just principles through which the curious under estimate themselves.

    nagging question: why not reach those high peaks by under-estimating oneself when curious? (…done by traversing along the leading beer taps.)
    Maybe because it is freezing, cold and possibly lonely (?) at the apex…it may be an undesirable place to be, but then again it might bring its own exhilirating experience of looking out at the world at the exciting location: the peak)

    the serious turn biles
    to the dials of cirius

    [wild thought: does this possibly refer to gallstone forming if you consume too much alcohol? (i actually had to look this up! heheh...)]

    The serious take on the journey and they use the bile like you would the dials on a cirius/sirius radio; to control the degree/nature of intoxication/music

    …and here is where toothpick’s mastery smoothly transports us into talking about music…

  17. 17 toothpick

    Felasfit … I wish you hadn’t stopped. you were actually helping me figure out my own ramblings :) Beautiful, the way you deconstruct and interpret!

  18. 18 Wudnesh

    sorry I beat you to it…and had Toothpick around for two days in a row in DC..hooray! When u talk to him in person, it ain’t any easier either. But at least u can understand him. But somehow, it feels different than when u talk to other people…beiwnet! One thing I know about him (have known him for a while)…he is VERY polite. Yetemognehut ggin, I used to think he was very shy! yea right , He doesn’t even have a shy bone in his body:)
    Btw, Toothpick, I like your hair the way u had it when I saw u…u look cuter. All those girls must have thought the same…right?lol. And, yea, do something about your website…will u?
    Celebrate, now I’m worried this thing is contagious…u r sounding more and more like Toothpick.

  19. 19 bgFelasfit

    LOL…toothpick, rambling?
    ur modesty or honesty is charming :)
    I really think u got some natural talent cos it ain’t sound nothn like rambling to me!! :P shoo…i’m tryna deconstruct & metergom these riddle/coglameration of words and it’s twisting my brain up like whoa…it’s a good thing I’m getting a kick outta messing with it…
    glad ur enjoying my trials getamiw Toothpick :) I’m getting into deeeper territory…
    Tho mos def I think there should be multiple interpretations …cos ppl read things differently!

    here’s huletegnaw:

    Typing away deliriously/frantically in boredom.

    (Presumably at the same time as facing the dilemma to satisfy curiosity and embark on a mountain hiking voyage;
    Ingesting beer – to traverse along altitudes of uncharted intoxication leading up to the peak… )

    While typing away… are isolated within a pause, anticipating a resolution for the dillema

    Gleaning entertainment/a relief from boredom/ of rhythmic funk resounding at the tip-tap on the keyboards of the dell laptop
    …then there’s the chunky melodic ringing sound of the telephone

    (soo poetic how rhythm and melody which are ‘funky’ and ‘chunky’ implicitly play together. I can see the implied carefree, unconventional & kinda ghetto affair between a mister and mistress of music)
    :[...the affair is possibly also tacky...hello! chunky ringtones, 70s funk..hehehe]

    As the telephone’s picked up…
    The voice and ears intertwine, for an assumed eternity in a “marriage”

    [ marriage just simply symbolic of
    joining it a relief of sorts, an escape from reality in a joining of two as one? where the human sensations/simetoch are flooded and possibly boredom subsides temporarily?]

    So far…in my reading…this poetry master explores anticipation of sensations from drinking and sounds which work as a commercial break (sirius, dell…hehehe jus playing! :P ) …

  20. 20 bgFelasfit

    I went a lil further cos I am now caught up in these wonderfully poetic words ….but!!
    I’m gonna do a selfimposed

  21. 21 bgFelasfit

    I went a lil further cos I am now caught up in these wonderfully poetic words ….but!!
    I’m gonna do a selfimposed
    Intermission while munching on the Interlude

  22. 22 Wudnesh

    #18…i meant Felasfit…sounding like T-pick

  23. 23 Shanti

    BgFelasitiye… thank you dear, I missed being here… the discussions are always fun and at times get heated but all in good fun. I can certainly appreciate diverse points of view. Toothpick is one talented guy and I enjoy reading his writing, his one liner comments crack me up but most of all he drives me to that med cabinet…

    Wudisha, so tell us more about Toothpick and his “new” do? Is he really the model with the braids? So, you two spent two solid days together… huh, very interesting, suspicious… Don’t worry what happens in Bernos, stays in Bernos… ;)

    I’m tempted to propose a big Bernos gathering in DC for 2008… any takers?
    Noliye, could you show me around town while I’m there? I could swear you were offering in one of your other postings

  24. 24 wudnesh

    Shantiye…ayy anchi, match maker honesh tiKeri! ‘Yet yidersal yeteballe zaff Kebele KoreTew’ allu! :) anyways, it’s just that I was at the place where T-Pick, Nol, and Tobian were…don’t read more into it. If I were with T-pick for two solid days, believe me u wouldn’t have found me here…would be in a psychiatric ward.
    He had his hair braided, but up…suits him! Yea, he’s the chocolate color model (shame, I gave up chocolate years ago:) )
    For 2008? igziaber beselam yakoyen…I and Daveye may join you guys with David junior…am sure he’ll have his dad’s eyes and….oww, here I go again!

  25. 25 Shanti

    Wudiye, I’m just repeating what you said and trying to get you to clarify for us all. Those two days spent with TP could have meant many things, and my young mind sometimes wonders… I’m sure the others did the same. If you say nothing happened, then I shall believe, question is – do the others believe??? We are family here, I’m just saying… j/k… weyne, inde eko new rumors get started…hehehe

    BTW: I’m learning a lot of these ET saying from you… thanks!

  26. 26 bgFelasfit

    Wudenesh, u’re so right: ihe neger betam betam contagious ina addictive new…my interpretations are getting longer with time!!
    The creativity is amazing – almost in a devious way & to completely disguise what he was tryin to say toothpick wrote the poem; when I first read it I was like: what the….???? Is this guy making up a language weyis??
    I guess the poem itself embodies the complicatedness of the dillema he’s talking about in contrast to the typical simplicity we usually associate it with

    …back to Toothpick’s Work Out Plan™
    btw, widu toothpick: is my tirguame qibzera making sense at all? ibakih comment… I’m havin’ fun!! :)

    So far… getamiw started immersed in a dilemma “to drink, or not to drink…” he was initially trapped in boredom & musical/vocal sounds which gave him a fleeting escape from his very deep contemplations…but then, he’s back to the deep contemplation:

    Mary, a vessel, is poised with much ease while she is to be a container for a conception from two contrasting elements fusing…
    [ooo isn’t this so reminiscent of the da vinci code grail stuff?]

    The holy ghost: spirit [could literally mean alcohol? Or…vigor and soul] is so beautiful
    [beauty here would imply an embodiment of self-assuredness, vigor, boldness]

    The spirit seeks to impregnate: implant a seed which would blossom — Co-created from a contrasting character of the vessel: virginity’s beast

    [beast is that of innocence? purity…even; ignorance which radiates self-consciousness, lack of self-knowledge, hesitation and vulnerability which contrasts with spirit’s self-knowledge, vigor and boldness- even faith and courage as compared to fear of the unknown in virginity]

    …This fusion between spirit and virginity within a vessel creates – the new protagonist, which may be emboldened, vigorous, a risk taker not a coward however, this is in question because the protagonist faces a choice to be born or not

    Refuse my own birth

    [‘I’ am about to be birthed- though refusing to be…(this goes back to indecision about whether to drink or not…to take the risk and leave behind uncertainty/fear/self-consciousness)]

    The most consumption is connected to my least condition – so I refuse in my dilemma and choose not to be drunken, spirited, bold- reborn

    [Not yet deciding to be reborn emboldened, vigorous, spirited. Instead…I consider…
    That at the point of delirium and having drunk too much: I would reach a point where I’d consumed “the most” alcohol, which reduces me to my “least”: drunkard, out of my own control (klutzy)…possibly even depressed after “the most” consumption]

    when my breath is on lease (hiywet kiray lay sitihon)
    with no option to buy (can’t really keep life forever, we die sometimes right?…)
    [eventhough “the most may be my least” I am still split in my dilemma cos, f--- it! we only live once anyway right?? and anyway…]

    respiration’s a lie [complete cycle of breathing i.e. a full circle in life is a lie (???????? This line has caused me Extreme Confusion…)]
    expiration, a high [efoy…metenfes…that’s the High of life! release inhibition/dirty air/negative energy is soo pleasurable]
    blasphemy, a sigh [when the divinity of relief and efoyta are stripped of their reverence and kebereta…it is a great disappointment!! This could also be implying toward the sinfulness of drinking and drunkeness]
    because divinity lies in relief

  27. 27 Wudnesh

    Shantiye..hehe, degginetu, u can’t go that far with the rumor because I and T-Pick are blood related. And I know why u wish there was more to it…ayy, DaveK, yematameTabign yele! Ow, the amarigna ababal? I have learned so many funny sayings from my friend…she often makes me laugh. Here is another one…whenever she says iffoyy, she goes…’iffoyyyy, allu girazmatch yetewerese betachewun mado mado iyayu!’ I don’t know keyyet indemitameTaw.
    Felasfit, excuse me but next time, give a warning in front of your writing or something….can’t handle headaches….and do not like taking medication. Indiee, I did take Shakespeare class but wasn’t this hard! I’m glad u and T-Pick didn’t make up my exam questions…huh!

  28. 28 bgFelasfit

    Sorry wude…will take ur advice next time

  29. 29 bgFelasfit

    Let me simplify my unintentionally unclear/complicated last post (thanks for pointing it out wude!) – here’s the short version that doesn’t dissect the small words and get caught up in a tangle – as requested, u’ve been warned :) , tho I think it’s not so bad that it causes headaches:

    ~ Drinking alcohol: allows for a rebirth
    It fuses vulnerability, ignorance and inexperience with boldness, vigor and self-assuredness (the lines bout mary, holy ghost, virginity minamin…)

    This makes drinking and getting drunk very tempting!!

    *But drinking also pushes someone over the limit…getting too drunk makes one completely out of control, possibly depressed – taking someone to their ultimate low…. (the most, my least…)

    So…our protagonist is still undecided whether to drink over the top and climb the mountain of intoxication or not

    But then again!! We only live once!! (breath on lease minamin…)
    ^Efoyta, relief, relaxation and releasing inhibitions are the HIGHs of life!!! (expiration minamin..)
    And when the kebereta/reverence of relief is overlooked, it is a sigh- yasazinal….
    Relief should be respected and given priority in our lives.

    Continued…(last one!)

    this basic, solid and artful truth (sculpture) of the priority to efoyta is elusive to many who don’t believe it

    [poetic depth in this line: the fact that a sculpture is used to symbolize truth shows there has to be someone with the ability to interpret the truth/sculpture to understand the importance of relief, someone to read through the details to the basic]

    the stand where the preacher preaches (pulpit) is being eaten away by addicts who are servile, indebted and dependent alcoholics!

    The preacher preaches about the highs of life: efoyta and relaxation found through drinking

    Leech-like, dependent alcoholics stop others from hearing the message from the preacher: blocking others from learning the lesson of relief!

    — I have no idea what’s going on with all the color stuff!! Too bizarre for me to metergom!!

    Final line: the colors (the different shades/tones/hues of weaknesses i.e dependents & addicts)
    The weak engage in over-zealous screams that echo, “let go!”
    All these weaklings push toward a resolution of the dilemma: intoxication
    …they cry out, drink!
    THE END!

    So basically…the interlude to nonsense…is sort of a disguised nonsense in itself.
    But also it is a deliberate complication by the poet which explores the dilemma about how much/why/to what effect one should drink.

    The interlude is essentially the dilemma within, before one dives straight into the nonsense of drunkeness.

  30. 30 bgFelasfit

    The colors part, and the thing about respiration…ine minim algebagniiiim…and don’t think any amount of munching would …

    dekamawochu alemin yiqebwatal…
    so sex min agebaw?????…(????? raping, masturbating)
    It seems to be the medium for change of the shades weaklings [addicts] color our world…?

    Wude Shakespeare alsh? — ere gud! kaleminim tiritare I would struggle in that class, let alone making up exams!!… my days attempting a literature course weren’t pretty. Antony and Cleopatra minamin….power…manupliation kibirtise…The whole new language thing, the subtle yediro cultural references ….I couldn’t take it! [switched to history or smth]…just happy watching romeo must die etc….:P …power to u for braving that challenge though.

    I’m sad my wanderings have come to an end :(
    & I’m leaving wonderland (as kiki would say…
    btw kiki what happend to your art guru hottie? Did the new years midnite kiss happen ende?? ere fill us in!!)

    Dear yTirsSintir :P ,
    what inspired your “rambling”? do you imagine some of the phrases in Amharic? Just as u “dream in Amharigna” do u also “imagine poetry in Amharigna”?
    thanks for the poem the talented Mr. Toothpick hope u keep ‘em coming…
    adnakih negn keKemisse :P

  31. 31 wudnesh

    Felasfit, u definetely know yourself..seriously, you chose the right nick. Now, what I do is skim through what u write relating to the poem…and take time reading the rest(less headache!) Shakespeare is much easier than what u put me through here :) I enjoyed western literature class which included some shakespeare play so much that I went on to take Shakespeare class next. But the professor who taught the Shkspr class, who happened to have PHD on the subject,was the most boring(just read the book..gave it no life at all)and made me wish I didn’t take it. I think betimirt bizaat debari honalech:)
    So, according to you;

    So…our protagonist is still undecided whether to drink over the top and climb the mountain of intoxication or not

    well, how about help him decide?

    Sometimes when I reflect back on all the wine I drink,
    I feel shame. Then I look into the glass and think
    about the workers in the vineyards and all of their hopes
    and dreams.

    If I didn’t drink this wine, they might be out
    of work and their dreams would be shattered.
    Then I say to myself, “It is better that I drink this wine and let their
    dreams come true than be selfish and worry about my liver.”
    ~ Jack Handy
    WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may leave you wondering what the hell
    happened to your bra and panties.

    “I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they
    wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re
    going to feel all day. “
    ~Frank Sinatra
    WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may create the illusion that you are
    tougher, smarter, faster and better looking than most people.
    “When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading.”~ Henny Youngman
    WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may lead you to think people are
    laughing WITH you.

    “24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence? I think not.”
    ~ Stephen Wright
    WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may cause you to think you can sing.

    ~”When we drink, we get drunk.When we get drunk,
    we fall as leep. When we fall asleep, we commit no sin.
    When we commit no sin, we go to heaven. So, let’s all
    get drunk and go to heaven!”
    ~ Brian O’Rourke
    WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may cause pregnancy.

    To some it’s a six-pack. To me it’s a Support Group. Salvation in a can!
    ~Dave Howell
    WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may make you think you can logically
    converse with members of the opposite sex without spitting.
    And saving the best for last, as explained by Cliff Clavin, of Cheers.
    One afternoon at Cheers, Cliff Clavin was explaining the Buffalo Theory to
    his buddy Norm.
    Here’s how it went:
    “Well ya see, Nam, it’s like this. A herd of buffalo can only move as fast
    as the slowest buffalo. And when the herd is hunted, it is the slowest and
    weakest ones at the back that are killed first. This natural selection is
    good for the herd as a whole, because the general speed and health of the
    whole group keeps improving by the regular killing of the weakest members.
    In much the same way, the human brain can only operate as fast as the
    slowest brain cells. Excessive intake of alcohol, as we know, kills brain
    cells. But naturally, it attacks the slowest and weakest brain cells first.
    In this way, regular consumption of beer eliminates the weaker brain cells,
    making the brain a faster and more efficient machine. That’s why you always
    feel smarter after a few beers.”
    WARNING: The consumption of alcohol may make you think you are whispering
    when you are not

  32. 32 Shanti

    yTirsSintir – love it!

    bG: How much time did you spend dissecting this interlude to nonsense? I tried and trust me I did… but, I had to get out or else I would have been calling the county psych ward home… hmm, that might actually have been away to get over my addiction to Bernos… there is a thought!

    Wudisha, I love all these sayings, I try to repeat them when necessary but damn they come out all twisted and often meaning something totally different.

  33. 33 Shanti

    Wudisha… they reeled you in too! I liked your piece, especially the one about Cliff and his reasoning behind drinking :P

  34. 34 toothpick

    I love your deconstructions and interpretation … totally refreshing, it is :)

    here’s another one … if you care to shed some light on it for me. for me, honestly, these are just free rambles, without any overarching themes and/or interpretations (at least not consciously). it’s sort of like painting with words. you might see something, someone else might see something else … and some might just go “hm, whatever!” :)

    it’s hangover worldly linux operating systems
    for surgery scalpels undergoing testings
    because television envisions a tale
    from the tail end
    tail gated neighborhoods hoodwink naysayers
    neigh sayers from the horse’s mouth
    stop horsing around
    listen to this whore sing around
    bubble gum sins abound
    hounding grey buses for acid trips in brown
    you think god has a colon?
    sullen, mulling over which commode to turn into divine doo-doo
    doses of dew baptise roses into wet petals
    salvador dali lama raping llamas for gold medals
    to come millions of times
    chameleons of rhyme changing meters
    to neon flashes above the head of st. peters
    paint peters down the can vans
    transporting campbell soups to whole war fans
    where’s st. andrew? where’s andy?
    is he tagging sterns of bask yachts?
    or kitschin’ in the kitchen?
    bitchin’, dude. straight bitchin’!

  35. 35 bgFelasfit

    lovin’ the funny quotes… ayeee alcohol… cliff has a pretty screwed up justification- dude’s prolly drunk when he wrote it :P
    I hear ya bout profs and PhDs…esp in the liberal arts…some just become soo jaded that they take all interest out of an intriguing subject.
    bout the felasfitnet…to be honest I picked that name cos I wanted to completely and iskemechereshaw deconstruct nolawi’s argument bout naz girls which was sooooo wack!!! But… as I’ve gotten older, taken some good courses (and joined bernos :P ), I’m realizing/accepting/embracing my brainianic-analysis-junkie side. I’m glad bernos has articles to get me all hyped into them…

    I’d say something round 3.5-4hrs total on diff days to go through everything & write it up…After I got the first section…It kinda made sense in ze mind — the hiccups were: the da vinci code look-alike and the colors…bicha yTirsSintir complicated neger new yetsafew. Guess just like abstract art…even if he was “throwing paint around” as he seems to be confessing, it may have been the elements which gravitated toward the hidden, interpretable cohesiveness of the poem…a message from the “soul of the universe” – [hrase from "the alchemist" -- it's an amazing book! ...]

    u got the nikname wrong…it’s bgFelasfit…Get it right!!
    … do you mind sharing what u were thinking bout or whether they were just arbirtrary words fit together?
    I guessed u were visually/tangibly working with the words: cos of the way u had similar ‘looking/sounding’ words in lines close to eachother…and the way u’d alter letters to make new words.
    Here’s my initial reaction to the new poem — is this gibberish? lol for real…
    what’s the title?

  36. 36 Wudnesh

    Felasfit, at least, u now know why I enjoy my drink….cheers! (don’t u cheer me with a glass of cranberry! bring on the real thing :) )
    If that’s why u got the nick, yimechish! Ay felasfit, how do u expect T-Pick to get the name right? Last time I heard, he had difficulty telling Friday from Sunday!
    Owww, and this is getting worse…but Maybe I can guess this part…

    for surgery scalpels undergoing testings
    because television envisions a tale
    from the tail end
    tail gated neighborhoods hoodwink naysayers
    neigh sayers from the horse’s mouth
    stop horsing around
    listen to this whore sing around
    bubble gum sins abound
    hounding grey buses for acid trips in brown

    or Maybe Not! but definitely made me picture a member of the Yardies with leftover ganja/wisdom-weed in his back pocket….and ‘spray and pray’ in his sports car…walking down Brixton, in South London…under the cameras installed by Scotland Yard.
    Felasfitye, I know I know, but can’t I be complicated too? Maybe I’ll understand his writing better :)

  37. 37 toothpick


    my bad on the misnomer. it’s an unprecedented slight of mind. yiqirtashin imatsenalehou, yiqir tiyign zend be’getachin be’panadolachin be’jesusiye name please, tenkiw.


    so yeah … moving on … is it gibberish? i think it is, if you’re looking for “content/subject” the same way you’d look at a painting of a still life. i’m just trying to see how people react to just words/phrases/sounds etc without the fences of “meaning.” *shrug* that’s all. so … if you see something, you see something … if you don’t see something, then you don’t.

    ok … i’ve had way too much coffee. and unfortunately caffeine is a natural laxative. so … let me go doo doo what i gotta doo doo. maybe that was entirely too much information.

    maybe not.

    krissmars lik ende ityopia telebision aleqe. yidebral. vacation finish. now life is just static. where is ababa tesfaye? dehna hounu lijoch, yezare qelqaloch yenege dembaroch. dehna hounu! dehna hounu!

  38. 38 lulu

    Toothpick – You are just as adorable as you are a genius. On top of it all, according to wudnesh, polite even in person. How unique!! I am just proud you are an Ethiopian brother.

  39. 39 bgFelasfit

    LOL…hahaaha….betam asakachihugn wudisha ina yTirsSintiricho :P .
    Wude…Cheers! indewim lehuletachihum
    …yemin cranberry juice!! …beTeJJ miDir? Bezich beGomasawa Qen for every meal teJJ yemil policy …after all, whoever could afford it had tella/tejj back in the days right? :P

    Toothpick, eshi yihulilih min yidereg ingidih…alefkut leZare….
    Btw, I’m glad u’ve promoted urself from ur one liner jokes. You’re more fun this way cos we’re getting to know u better…maybe too well bout what u doo :P

    Wude…I’m lovin your tirgum!!…I see where u’re going with it…and sorta my version of where u’d get:
    prolly after ur imaginigs of the yardies, u’d be talking bout the ones who’re lured in (naysayers), and the way the sound of drugdealing can resound (neighsayers stop horsing around listen to whore sing around) when real addict drugdealers (whore) pursue extreme lows (sin, grey bus) for fleeting pleasures (bubblegum, acid trips)

    …its appears pretty easy for toothpick poems to evoke thoughts about things that you ingest to get Krunk :P The first time I read the interlude, my thoughts were about vices: khat/chat then…drinking…now wude’s talking about yardies and their snuff…
    Toothpick, Maybe you can start an art line by the name VICEArt that would sell poems to the Krunkville masters up in Amsterdam, London (wude, you can direct him to yardie-ville, right? :P ). The objective being, to sell poems packaged along with alcohol, khat, marijuana etc…This would be the tagline: loving the art and deepening the pleasure. All the gatherings would be exponentially more intense!! Especially in the limbo between getting tipsy/high/hyper and completely off the charts…! what an untapped market! ;)

    For real tho….On the subject of words in place of paint. Words evoke emotions just like paint: each one usually carries several phrases, meanings, implications and thoughts within it, potentially different for each person… Sooo streams of words can be encoded streams of gibberish.
    But with words…you may be running the risk of their lack of universality (depending on reader’s level of education, willingness to look up stuff:… about linux, liver minamin!!)

    I think I’m getting somewhere with the last poem…but will prolly be using only a part of it…I’m shocked by the subject I’m getting to!!! lol…guess that’s where what u see and read depend on what u care about/think about….

  40. 40 bgFelasfit

    ooooh scratch that….
    how bout KrunkART!!!!

  41. 41 bgFelasfit


    it’s hangover worldly linux operating systems
    for surgery scalpels undergoing testings

    It is old remaining (hangover) practical, focused (linux) and grounded (worldly) methods of operation (mode of operation of society: ethics, tradition, family, community, religion,) that are to be used as methods to fix (surgery) the world back to the form desired for full functionality (restoration of a dysfunctional world ).

    [operating system evokes a whole virtual world—that’s why I’m working with a global perspective about our messed up world to be fixed (surgery is usually to fix something). A hangover is being stuck with the old i.e linix OS: ethics, tradition, family based on a long history and understood only by the experts who are fluent in it]

    These methods dissect (scapel) through to the core and soul, yet these forms are still in testing….because…

    because television envisions a tale
    from the tail end

    the popular media and popular culture (tv) envision imaginative narratives of events or stories (tale) from the end goal, that which will follow (tail end) not from the truth or ethical or even functional way.

    [ Money is what will follow, the goal that comes at the tail end: which all are envisioning. Implying: The current system makes money:tail at the center of the vision while it is honing in on the stories and narratives it broadcasts. The broadcasts shape the understanding of the world about the dysfunction within it, it is the primary mode where masses can realize REALITY, yet the money-minded media skew what is broadcast depending on what sells]
    tail gated neighborhoods hoodwink naysayers

    (tail) Isolated (gated) living settings (neighborhoods) [i.e. lives which are isolated from social consciousness by the chains of tails (the end goal: money)] are isolated by chains built from money (tail) and commercialism. These settings of commercialism and money blindfold and deceptively taken in (hoodwink) those who resist (naysayers) into the new system (westernization, modernization, Americanization, commercialization) .

    [The world population has many settings where people are isolated from social consciousness by the fences built by money. These settings fool and blindfold even those who are mindful to get lured into a money-hungry culture: Americanization/ commercialization/ capitalism?]

    neigh sayers from the horse’s mouth
    stop horsing around
    listen to this whore sing around

    Those who send out the message (neigh sayers- media-masters, decision makers about tv programs) from those concerned and affected (horse’s mouth) stop sending out the message and pretending to embody those affected (horsing around) when the one selling herself (whore)sings.

    [The ones who are truly affected by the system (developing world) have spokes-people, or story tellers relaying their stories, such as the media: consider Blood Diamond, Constant Gardner, Tears of the Sun, Hotel Rwanda big blockbusters from Hollywood. The “neigh sayers” are not really neighing but saying the neigh, and they’re “horsing around” not being horses, so they’re embodying those concerned for a temporary period. Yet the west: home of Hollywood and news companies etc… stop to listen to the whore sing.]

    listen to this whore sing around
    bubble gum sins abound
    hounding grey buses for acid trips in brown

    She is selling her dignity and resources (whore) for aid/money and alliances/customers. They listen to her sing [passionate, heartfelt, soulful, touching message] in her pursuit of money. At the same time, sins from fleeting pleasures (bubblegum sins: pleasures of money, sex, drugs and rock n roll), multiply. Then this whore who’s selling herself is stuck pursuing ( hounding) dismal, common place and criminal routes (grey buses) for hallucination trips (acid trips)which allow an escape from reality.

    [The whore is the leadership of corrupt governments in the developing world. She sings, beautifully, she makes a cry and plee (like the type Ethiopian governments make after drought disasters calling for a rescue to the magnitude of MJ’s “we are the world”). The whore sells herself everyday for money, she is corrupt and does it for money. However, her singing does not bring sustainable change, and she’s yet again stuck searching out the same “bubblegum sins” and even seeking out dismal, common and criminal routes for hallucinogenic trips which block out reality.]

    you think god has a colon?
    sullen, mulling over which commode to turn into divine doo-doo

    Do you think God is able to isolate out the waste and save the clean useful part (colon)? He is actually sullen, dismally looking out at the impure world. He’s looking for those individuals (commode: just furniture not the whole house i.e. individuals not the whole system/country/world) that are waste receptacle (commode: toilet) those that receive the result from the impurity [corruption, suffering, disaster…] whom he can turn into divine doo-doo [sullied fecal matter- impure divinities: hatyategna tsadqan]

  42. 42 wudnesh

    u r doing it again! u never fail to amuse me. I have an idea..Y don’t U and T-Pk hold a seminar for English majors, poetry lovers, literature students, ….I just know it’d be one of a kind presentation…excessively refined…with intellectual and emotonal appeal!

  43. 43 bgFelasfit

    What an idea!!
    …word artist &…interpreter sounds like a circus duo…:)
    u think there’d be a chance we’d dive into nonscence after the interlude …? :P

    semi….aldenegeTshim when I jumped from doo doo, horses, and surgery scaples to world systems, modernization minamin??…I couldn’t believe it myself!!! gud eko new!

  44. 44 Wudnesh

    Felasfit… medengeT? aanchi yemtiyiw neger hulem afen indaskefetehn neww.:)

  45. 45 bgFelasfit

    Lol Wudisha, For both positive&other af mekfet… thanks :)

  46. 46 Blue Blood

    “masturbating blue to a jealous green”…hahahaha…very original…

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