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Selam Hiz'boche – Reappearing yet again to bask in the grandeur that is Wondinet Haile and my inner workings!

Endete SenebetaceHulegn! I come to the land of Bernosowch out of wholly concerned for the Ethio-Ladies. Tissue paper is used for NefT lemenafeT. If you have sinus, allergies or stuff nose; get some DayQuil, NyQuil, Benadryl, something that ends with 'il!'

I didn't know Ethiopians were apt to be Nasally Congested! Have you ever seen those stuffy nose commercials? There are a millions of over-the-counter nostril-unpluggers. You can take some orally, sniff or for those more used to suppositories, they are available at your neighborhood grocery store.

There is war going on! Its not between two, it’s between four. There is the deodorant, the scented lotion, the hairspray and the perfume!

Drop me off she says with her friendly glow!
Rahel, whose smell I think I know!
Won't let her in my Camry though!
Not interested in filling my nose with vapors so!

On my way into the hotel lobby, I see this shapely mannequin type of Ethio-lady with an extravagant black dress that lay firmly against her tightly shaped ass. She was about 10 yards in front of me, walking really fast with her big black purse. I assumed she was late for the same wedding I was going to. I ran to catch up to her, while contemplating the approach I was going to use, as we were both entering the elevator

Ayeee her scent could drop a buffalo! I know now what the big black purse is for! Excuse me is that purse carry-on or check in?

She gives her big hair a shake!
A noxious cloud pervades my space!
Swift action I must take!
Yiqerta nebse, I think i am getting a headeache!
Can you hit the elevator brake?

Do we need to “send a bill to congress?” Do we need have to make a mandatory label on all perfume bottles?


So in the future, please do think;
when standing at the bathroom sink;
too much perfume jjus… just makes you stink!

39 Responses to “ethioperfumoholics!”

  1. 1 Nolawi

    good one good one Wondata i do indeed agree… also there is the etan and shinkurt thus I’ve added a podcast song by freethem… i don’t know the title but the song is about the smell of ethiopians….

    I do have a story to tell you guys regarding this perfume thing… will do later

  2. 2 metad bet

    let’s not discriminate here. the men are as guilty. the cologne overkill at the freakin club. GOD! if henock’s armani wasnt enough, abebe’s joop is deadly. and every freaking guy wears the same cologne…BORING. it’s one thing when you are consistent with your cologne but if every tom, dick and harry is rocking it…doesnt that tell you something?

    chanel’s CHANCE is so passer
    thierry mugler’s ANGEL should only be sprayed twice (and even THAT is too much)
    if you’re in your 20′s and 30′s and wear TRESOR…leave your moms perfumerie ALONE.

    go to your local bloomingdales or macy’s and ask for whats new, fresh and you’ll be surprised.

    this psa has been brought to you by your local metad bet.

  3. 3 Tobian

    Ditto, Wondata! I was just discussing this with a friend earlier today! This lady passed by me when i was leaving work (totally NeCH) and she reeked of some perfume. I started asking why somebody would do something like that to herself … at work! My friend said i was bitching.

    I see perfume like smoking and other makeup like drinking. Feel free to cake that eye shadow, but man, we gotta share that air so pls take it easy on the perfume.

    When did the samuna shita fresh out of the shower kinda stuff go out of style? Take a bath and stop it right there (ok, maybe deodorant is admissible) – for both men and women! Minew! Ke’abzagnaw shito yemora samuna shita yishalal. Bayhon it’s predictable.

  4. 4 Shanti

    Wondata, I have to agree with you and I do love that you brought this up around the New Year eve celebrations. No doubt the ladies overdose the men with our perfumes, but there are a few other things that we all need to be made aware of:
    Both men and women should keep this in mind -
    1) Deodorant is good – wear it, sometimes its necessary!
    2) Avoid cooking or going to an Ethiopian Restaurant if the plan calls for a romantic evening later on. Otherwise, you may be forced to going back to overdosing each other with your perfumes or colognes.
    3) Garlic – okay, you may not smell it on you but the rest of us are suffering each time you breath. Chewing gum does not always hide it, either!

    The Podcast music actually said it all… lol, loved it!

  5. 5 Dawitk

    Good one Wondata
    It’s funny to read all this and see just how differently wired we all are.

    This is a definite problem in substantial numbers of people. Unfortunately, people feel they have a “perfect right” to use excessive perfume and to spray perfumes, particularly in shared public places.

    Just the other day while having lunch with a friend, and all was going well until this greasy type sat down next to us wearing a gallon of Polo parfume which ruined our lunch. I couldn’t even smell my food anymore. All I could taste was Polo.

    So gentlemen you don’t have to use every variation on a fragrance–cologne, aftershave, body wash, deodorant, perfumed lotion. Its true, ladies like a good scent on a man, but you don’t want to slap them in the face with it. And if you use a multitude of bath and shaving products with varying scents, be careful not to over do it. You could end up repelling, not attracting

    If you are wearing so much cologne that people can smell you coming down the hall and to continue to detect your smell in the room ten minutes after you’ve left, you are using way too much of it.

    If people keep asking you what fragrance you are wearing when you walk by, that’s a sign you are applying too much.

    If you can smell your own perfume all day, you’re wearing too much.

  6. 6 Nolawi

    This actually creates another Issue… the whole


    if someone stinks… do we tell them, i sure hope my friends would… About four years ago, i went to San Fran and called up a friend of a friend for a ride from airport to the hotel…

    Told her that i would be going out that night to zis spot and went to my hotel,… I had never met her before although knew her best friend and had talked on the phone and email years prior to our meeting…

    she was perfectly nice to offer a ride from the airport, even offered to give me a tour the next day… the only thing was that she had really long nice black hair… and she had a Jheri curls that would make Darryl Jenks from coming to america jeoulous

    it didnt look bad.. it just smelled like she came out of an air freshner factory… the whole time i was in her car.. i couldn’t breath! it was in the winter and at night and windy but it didnt stop me from opening the window all the way down… she was like arent you cold and i replied that i am from colorado…

    i thought it was a one time thing so i invited her to the ethiopian concert i was attending that night… she came with her freinds.. she still had the same hairstyle and the same smell… I couldn’t stand to be around her… so I avoided her the wholenight… at the end of the show she offered to give me a tout od san fran for the next day… i told her that i would call her and see… minamin.. but I left without getting back to her…

    To this day i am not sure what the orgin of the smell was but i suspected it was hairspray… this thing smelled like that thing they used to kill cockroachs…

    I wondered why her freinds didn’t say anything to her.. if my breath stinks today i expect my freinds to tell me so i go pick up a tick tock or something

  7. 7 chelema

    too much common scents these dayz ha?— “” I got an issue with one buddy of mine who enjoys coming to my apt on weekends and right before we go out, douces himself in my most favorite cologne. Everytime I told him to ease up on the juice, he criticizes me for being cheap. So i am suffering almost everyweek. When we’re at a restaurant, I could easily tell his “scent-throw” reaching 50 yards out – offending the pleasant aromas of people’s Doro Wot.

    Oh and ladies, use this as a benchmark. I should only be able to smell your perfume within three feet radius from you. Anything outside of that range, you might as well knock the crap outta me in the nose and replace the offending odor of your perfume with the smell of my own blood.

  8. 8 Nolawi

    ha ha chelema what about those that leave a scent behind….

    three hours after she left… i get there and be like was betty here… ..

    the other thing is when a girl spends the night in your place and I have to change the pillowcase because it still has her shita after six days… ofcourse if you really like the girl you keep it around the way it is….

    I once had a tshirt she wore and decided not to ever wash it even after the breakup so that I could smell it whenever i missed her…

  9. 9 chelema

    Oh! oh! oh!, the biggest compliment I ever got in regards to shito, was that she begged to keep my t-shirt after we broke up. She would call me once in a while for a refill, and I would end up supplying her with all kinds of refills.

  10. 10 Tobian

    3 feet?!? isuma ketemaw bemulu new.

    Dude… perfume’s strictly for someone who gets too close. Definitely less than 1 feet and entirely between the person and their SO. My take is if alafi agdamiw can smell it, then it’s excessive.

    I once had a tshirt she wore and decided not to ever wash it even after the breakup so that I could smell it whenever i missed her…

    That’s anywhere between sweet and disturbing. Perhaps more on the admission than the act.

    … the biggest compliment I ever got…

    Now that’s just plain disturbing.

  11. 11 kiki

    I know what you mean. I hate it when people drench themselves with cologne/perfume that it makes your eyes water. But I have to admit there is nothing like a man who smells good. It is such a turn on for me. I still don’t like it when a man puts too much on. I like it when I smell him when I get close to him not when I can smell him before I can even see him.
    We are strongly urged not to wear perfume where I work. There are people with allergies. It works out really nice since it is a big firm. Now if they could make everybody wear deodorant on the bus/train that would be great.

  12. 12 chaltu

    Well, I must say I am one that really loves perfume, hence the 3 feet radius might be too close. When a guy passes by and i actually can smell his cologne, that definitely is a plus on my book. Come on guys, don’t you want to smell fresh every min? Well, for those who might have allergic reaction to perfumes/colognes, all I can say is “Yikirta”.

    But one thing is for sure, eGna abeshoch, when we smell one perfume, we tend to stick to it ende Mucha….this leads to Armani’s Geo. Please, abesha Wendoch, if you are looking for a new fragrance, let me spare you the time/money, NO GEO…teselech…

  13. 13 Dboi

    Yeah true..egna abeshoch are generous on spraying that shito…especially when you are around your mother and aunt when they markefikef shito on themselves they offer if you need some disregarding it was female perfume… :) ..eventhough i dont like to wear perfume, i dont mind much if it smell good…but i dont know if abesha use this body spray…Axe or similar brands…mayn on mayn…hate it. i know some african brothers use this spray…it is just like smelling-good goes wrong…

  14. 14 chelema

    Dboi, funny you mentioned that. My buddy just finished shooting an AXE body spray commercial for Unilever.

  15. 15 Nolawi

    chelema … you know there is a difference between shita and shito… not everyone wearing the same shito will have the same shita….

    it matters where you put it clean you are… what else you are wearing…and many other variables…
    bet sara had a good shita… mts saraye.. if is so exotic i bet she imports her stuff from a small shito designer in luxembouragh or something

    Tobianthinktanker… comeon how the hell is that disturbing… obviously leaving reminders is not disturbing.. i know you have a certain something that you kept that reminds you of yedero balishine… you make it sound like i have fatal attraction!

  16. 16 florNueva

    My favorite is when some abeshoch say they don’t use deodarant because yelemdal. :-) ere please, its ok. An investment in stick of deodrant goes a long way.
    On a recent trip back to Addis, we went to this kitfo bet for lunch (the best ever, btw) and there was this strong shita, my God. At first i thought it was some authentic kocho….turned out to be the asalafi. It was so unbearable we finally had to tell the dude. (in a nice way,ofcourse)

  17. 17 Stupid

    Back in the days shito was used to mask un wanted smell. Maybe people who spray themslves to death have some kind of infection that smells really bad?

  18. 18 meron

    Funny this happened to me just yesterday, but i was a victim of mom holiday cooking. when i left the house i realized i reeked of wot smell. since i was on my way to work, and was late, and needed gas, i freaked. so what did i do? i took out my hugo purple and sprayed it like there was no tomorrow! when i arrived at work, my usual compliment of “you smell nice” was not there. i shrugged it off and assumed I was being too sensitive. At the end of the night, my boss who happens to be Ethiopian says to me, “mmm..i think im hungry.” at first I didn’t think anything of it. then I saw the smile on his face and i was mortified. he was also kind enough to share that showering myself in perfume doesn’t take away the smell, but rather masks it…and it’s not a very nice smell in the end! He suggested febrez…Needless to say I stopped by CVS on my way home and bought four bottles of febrez. I was wondering if anyone had any other way of getting rid of “wot” smell…please HELP!

  19. 19 Nolawi

    ha aye meronye…. mts..

  20. 20 Wudnesh

    Shito and status must have gone hand in hand in the old days in Ethiopia. We visited my friend’s aunt ( very old and sweet lady who is related to Janhoy ) in Virginia once. She served us some injera be-wat, and after we finished eating and washed our hands,to my surprise came with Shito which she insisted in spraying on our hands. She noticed my surprise and told me how it was common in the old days.

  21. 21 hewe

    Meron, yup fabrez is better….personally what drives me crazy is the house…….so my mom told me to put some lemon and ye-shai kemem and boil the water while you make ET food and after you’re done….it smells like shai kemem and takes away the smell of food from your house…..but as far as the smellin of the food on cloth-i say keep your jacket in the car when you visit mom Meronisha…
    Shito- too much of anything is never good.
    and yeah i heard about Deo and yelemedal comment….belemed yeshalewal.

  22. 22 celebratelife

    Wondata really good one! Me not happy with topic! I love perfume the real stuff not the watered down with alcohol – eau de toilet. I own a lot and I’m not ashamed some were gifts and some I bought. I have people stop me to ask what scent I’m wearing and I’m proud. Some people collect cars, watches, wine or shoes well I collect perfume. Wouldn’t it be nice if Liya or any other Ethiopian model had a perfume line? Btw why aren’t there any Ethiopian male models?

    I will never forget once I was completely lifted off my feet by the scent of a guy at a reception…damn he smelleded delicious and I almost got a whiplash trying to figure out who it was. A good perfume/cologne is actually an aphrodisiac I bet now you guys appreciate it huh? My current favorite is Cinema by YSL it’s really nice. Now I do agree if I leave a room and 10 minutes later you can tell I’ve been there that’s a serious problem and should be classified as a crime.

    Sheto, try it you might like it and put on plenty so you can enjoy it and if others don’t like it who cares!!!!

  23. 23 Rahwina

    Wondata, I totally agree with the stand.don’t know about the states, but Canada has “scent-free” policies in most work environments…the general idea is not to prohibit wearing perfumes but to settle for the subtle ones or not too much of the strong ones, that way it won’t be like a tracking device on you…and an irritant to the rest.

  24. 24 Rahwina

    One more thing…love this part

    Excuse me is that purse carry-on or check in?

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