Bernos Hacked! 57 Comments


It was Sunday morning the day before the Western Christmas, I was logged into Bernos and reading the comments in reply to the Bernos Press announcement. And then my user profile robotically decreased or so I thought.

Then post by posts started to disappear, right in front of my eyes.  I turned off the database and attempted to contact our web hosting company to no avail, as it was Christmas Eve.  The Bernos Blog was down for a whole two days for the first time since March 2006. The Blog was down once before but only for a day while we were upgrading our hosting service.

After some doing we were able to retrieve most of the data that was lost. We had to pay for a database backup retrieve. An unexpected cost as a Christmas present! We were able to restore all the content up till Thursday, which means that all the comments between Thursday and Sunday was lost.


In theory; having a Web site provides a platform from which one can build an audience and raise the profile of the owner’s intent, be it business or anything else.

In practice; however, most Web sites end up becoming worthless lump of internet real estate, not worth the price tag of domain name registration and hosting.

….the real VALUE of a Website is the CONTENT, not in the technology that produced it!

Subsequently Bernos is zilch without T-shirts it produces & vends or the content the Bernos Blog provides or even the comments that our readers endowed us with.

This was a valuable lesson we were able to learn over this past weekend. We have to secure our content, our business and our livelihood! Thus we have upgraded our hosting so that we are backed up every 24 hours and changed all our passwords!

Bernos is only possible because of collaborative efforts of many. Small things like lost data could possibly discourage us in our sustenance. The Bernos Blog is very strong more so that we could have ever imagined! Readership was going up from week to week since June 06.

Most will agree that the Bernos contributors have been writing content that really matters to us! But we are vulnerable!  Contributors can only sustain if there is encouragement and participation of our readers!  Those that have thought about buying a t-shirt do so now! And for those freegrazers keep grazing but you could always help by emailing a link to your friends that have never heard of us!

Everything is still on schedule!

January 7th is the day we announce the winner of our raffle of 100$ American Express Gift Card. Those who have and are going to buy a T-shirt before Dec 31st will qualify to win 100$. You have a couple of days left to make you purchase, it takes about 2 minutes!

January 17th is the opening of the Bernos Press. Make sure you are here and participating on that day. It will only be up as long as we have participation! We really need your support then!

Viva La Bernos!

57 Responses to “Bernos Hacked!”

  1. 1 kilomamo

    Good to have you back!

  2. 2 Mengedegna

    It’s good to see Bernos back up again.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. 3 Nolawi

    thank you guys!

  4. 4 Wudnesh

    Ayzon! Ayzon! Nothing will stop Bernos.

  5. 5 Dawitk

    Hacker’s Virus writer’s, crackers…Hate them. They annoy everyone for little or no reason. I think they are a bunch of skilless, worthless, ignorant people who need to be taught how to use a computer properly.

  6. 6 curiouse

    I am glad Bernos is back and let’s try not to be freegrazers!

  7. 7 Uncle B

    The last thing I want to see is Bernos crashing down. It has been a good medium for us to share our ideas. With round II of this nasty winter storm on the way to Denver as early as tomorrow afternoon, I can depend on Berons to get my voice heard from the comfort of my home. It’s good to be back BERNOS!

    The Uncle!

  8. 8 Wudnesh

    hey uncle B

    I have heard about you (only nice things) from Nebyu…will hopefully meet you at Denver-Bernos event. Yea, keep Bernos going.

  9. 9 Uncle B

    Thank you Wudnesh! I hope you’re having a fabulous holiday season. We’re looking forward to meet you soon.


  10. 10 chelema

    Whew!—bernos hacked? that was close. by the way, when is the Denver get together supposed to happen? I am a little confused here.

    I want to invite you guys to check out a trailer of “Invisible Children”. Would you go and see the film if it comes to a theatre near you? let me know.

  11. 11 Nolawi

    hey is invisible children one you directed/produced? I am confused.. anyways your film/documetry is dont shed a tear about FGM right? which i saw on your site…

  12. 12 chelema

    nolawi, you’re absolutely correct. “Don’t shed a tear” is my piece about FGM. but invisible children was done by some of the pople I collaborated with. They are non-profit org. We’re not business affiliated, but we both have pretty much the same goal. did you see the trailer?

  13. 13 Uncle B


    Nebiyu and I had been talking about this for a while, on when would be the best time to get together and celebrate and put the word out about BERNOS here in the Mile high city. I really would like to see a few of you guys to give us any suggesions. Nolawi I want you to be the frontrunner since you have BERNOS and the whole idea behind it. I will do my best to get everbody together and get their opinion here in Denver. Chelema, Wudnesh and everybody else who would like to participate in this ‘event’feel free to make any suggesions. My email address is or I’m looking forward to hear from you all.

    The Uncle!

  14. 14 Nolawi

    go on you guys.. email eachother and hookup! and then tell us how it goes..

  15. 15 Shanti

    Chelema, of course I would definitely be there to watch the film if it were to came to a city near me.

    Now, only if you could get on with the program and post that darn sequel to “Love at 1st sight” all would be peachy… what say you? Wudiye has been asking you on a daily basis but you are being so stubborn about it ;)

    Yene konjo, menew you couldn’t finish the story while waiting on that plane to land in Denver late last week?

  16. 16 Wudnesh


    come on bro, minew , minew? u heard the lady! Shantiye, alsemma alle iko! Chelema, degmo denver indet indehone nigeregn inji…..shall I tell a few friends of mine to take care of u…or r u being taken care of? hey, abesha ppl in Denver r known for our hospitality….shame I am not there when u visit. But please…..waiting for the final part of the story.

  17. 17 chelema

    shantiye sweety,

    I can honestly say, this past week had been my worst week of the year. I appreciate your high interest in the article, but could I have some time? please?

    Wudikua baby, you know I would have done it just for you. I failed to meet my deadline, so I am sorry boo. But I will get right to it.

    Oh Denver, please do not ask me about it? Best thing I got out of it was a 30 minute wide angle shots of nothing but the SNOW. My trip was absolutely terrible. I am giving it another shot on Ethiopian chirstmass day.

  18. 18 kiki


    Good to have you back!;-). :-) . I was going through withdrawals and it was not pretty. What can I say. I am addicted to Bernos and Bernosoch or is it Bernosawian.


  19. 19 Tobian

    I likes ze chained laptop :-)

  20. 20 secret santa

    why do you have fake people commenting your blog? did you make them up to make your blog look cooler?

  21. 21 Nolawi

    Secret santa,
    what you trying to imply? why are bernos users more interactive than most other blogs with a lot more traffic…

    because the community is made up of a niche core group of Ethiopians… the content is very relevant to us…

    anyways shut up because it sounds like you are jealous! go back to 43things!

  22. 22 wudnesh

    please let’s answer ‘secret santa’…..since WE are the ‘fake ppl’

    first of all, thank you..since u admit Bernos is cool…and we make it cooler.
    The Qn for you is: is that all you can say/contribute? hope to hear from you with a more intelligent and positive effort in a common endeavor.

  23. 23 chelema

    Widiye, abo afe qurit yibel I guess its hard for some people to see so many habesha intellects interacting peacefully and respectfully.

    Secret Santa, I hope its not your beard that shadowed your brain. You know the saying… if you can’t beat them, join them? Well, you can figure this one out I hope.

  24. 24 Wudnesh


    LOL! take five!

  25. 25 Dawitk

    The poking, the disrespect, the anger and incivility are all about Secret Santa resistance, and denial. It’s all about Santa not being consciously conscious of “Who he is”. So the negativity comes from Santa being “unconscious” and simply reacting to everything happening “outside” of his life. It’s about his need to look “outside” for what’s lacking “inside” him.

    The negativity is his attempts to fill this hole of deficiency, thinking that spending time and energy being critical, judgmental, and jealous of others will somehow make him feel “better” make him feel like “somebody.”

    So Secret Santa
    Does your anger turn to yourself?
    Do you beat yourself up?

    Well if that’s the case then I suggest that you place yourself around positive people who are committed to growth and well being. Invite your friends to confront you lovingly when you get in the victim role. Learn to confront the critical voices within that tell you that you are not worthy. This is the technique of thought stoppage–you simply interrupt any negative inner message.

  26. 26 Uncle B


    Hey man, thank you for breaking down Secret Santa’s issues from psychological stand point, lol. I had to read the lines several times and realized that it almost sounds like one of those tv commercials…you know what I’m talking about… like ” DO you find yourself wetting your bed everynight? DO you feel like going all the time?” …The only thing missing is the disclaimer at the end when the guy talks as fast as he can like he is on a podium conducting an auction.

    Hey SANTA! Chill dude. We’re all sophisticated people in here. We don’t hate you for who you are but we feel bad for you for your lack of competence. If you can’t make a point keep steppin bro!


  27. 27 Hmmmmm!

    Sure you got hacked! Just a way to generate traffic and promote the t-shirts! You’re a little too paranoid! Oh please! Thanks secret Santa for point it out! My comment should also get everyone jumping out of their pants. More traffic!

  28. 28 Dawitk


    When you perceive others do things you cannot do, or they have things you don’t have, it might be tempting to be a little envious. But, jealousy doesn’t lead to anything except bitterness, and that isn’t going to help you.

    Instead of being jealous of Bernos success, focus on being inspired. Let the success of others move you forward toward your own success. After all, people who are doing things you want to do or have things you want are examples of what is possible for you.

  29. 29 kiki

    Hmmmmm (AKA) Secret Santa,

    Get over yourself man. You don’t have to be here if you don’t want to. We are all here because want to be here and enjoy discussing issues that are pertinent in this day and age. Things like dating, music, the fine points of Ethio-erotica (Chelema), or the man candy that is DavidK ;-) . If you don’t think these things are important go bother some other blog and leave us be.


  30. 30 wudnesh

    Hi Bernos ppl
    Do you think we may be giving them (Secret Santa, and hmmm)the very attention they sought? I think that’s what we are doing…so, how about ignore them?…hey, that’s what we learned from our DavidK…it’d make them think about us, want to know us….my! I’m a fast learner:)
    And at the end of the day, there’s always a chance that they might just learn to be like us….rational, polite, professional,smart,willing to learn from each other, competent, non-judgmental, friendly, encouraging, and good citizens.

  31. 31 Gudu

    I believe whoever hacked you is good and we should give him a credit…the same way for the admin for putthn his things together
    To me though, you all sound too paranoid …why can’t you just take criticism wisely and make somethn out of it…for example if I think you are fake, at least ask me why I think you are fake…try to understand why I made such a statement before you open your mouth…
    In general though, most of you are too ‘Americanized’ in so many wayz…it is kind of hard to communicate with you…you don’t sound open at all…it it is like you are lost in between two worlds..I think that gor be tough…

    anyway Nol keep up the good work

  32. 32 Nolawi

    Gudu! thanks.. sorry we are too “americanized,” but i think people in general are very open minded… its just that your comment was a blanket statement! how can you possibly expect people to try to communicate with a flat remark… (I personally do not think it was our job to ask you why you thought/think like that… it should have been included…

  33. 33 Wudnesh

    You are contradicting yourself…’americanized’..and ‘not open at all’? hahahaha.

    Take criticism wisely? Ever heard of the difference between constructive and deleterious criticism? I’m sure the latter one is not intended to improve or encourage others..and thus not welcome. Understand?

  34. 34 bgFelasfit

    go ahead and join the discussion! …see what bernosoch say. I think that will show u what bernos is about a lot better than you judging about americanization/closure from communication by the way bernosoch


    it is kind of hard to communicate with you…”

    The reasons that ppl wouldn’t respond is if you make a blunt/flat statement just like nolawi was talking bout — if you bring something up for discussion…you gotta expand on your thoughts

    in the my breif experience Bernosoch disagree with eachother, bring brand new ideas etc. What’s ur specific criticism? what makes it seem

    like you are lost in between two worlds..I think that gor be tough…

    I personally am testing the waters for people’s interest in international/social affairs…

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