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There is nothing I lament more than a missed connection!

I am one of those people that can not fake it. I can not spend much time with people that I am not fond of. No, I am too blunt and too honest for that. If there is something on my mind, whoever is around me is going know.

As far as relationships, I am either crazy about her or I’m not really interested. Sure I might be attracted to a girl but that usually doesn’t lead me anywhere. These days since I have been single for a while, I try to be proactive and see where it goes. If the girl is nonchalant and nonaggressive about her feelings towards me, then I would get bored.

Call me guregna but I am incredibly confident. I feel that I have got a little something to offer. Excluding the usual hoopla; I think I am a person that sensitive to women’s needs. I am understanding, patient, attentive, romantic, and honest; so very honest. May I dare throw in a ‘sense of humor’ and ‘sharp’ I am a dreamboat!

There are two ways relationships work with me. The first being, the girl shows interest and continuously hints according to that fact. I usually will do the same if I am indeed interested! If I am not, I don’t fake it, not that I haven’t tried, I’m just not a convincing!

The second is when I am keraazzzy about a girl. If I am, then I know it in two seconds and I will talk to her, try to pursue her regardless of consequnces. At least I would give it a shot. That is if she doesn’t give me shit. The only problem is that it’s not very often that I meet someone like that. Actually very rare! Even though I am in DC and am in “only Ethiopian Woman” phase.

Yes, I go ‘Kerazzzy’ but it’s not about looks. Its charisma and its style!

Three Missed Rendez-vous!

About three years ago, I was in a coffee shop with friends till another group of friends sat next to us. To make the story short, I was like wowed by this girl. Since I am not shabby either I got her number somehow… I don’t remember the details… I probably had too many Machiatos!

I liked so much that I disregarded the usual ‘three-day waiting period’ to give her a call in two. After a couple of short conversation the rendez-vous was scheduled on Thursday for the weekend. I took care of the details, where what and when!

It was Friday, when she called and I picked up:

Hello Nolawi, just have one thing to say, listen… I can’t make it…

And Click, she hanged up! Daym what the fuck just happened? I think I might have tried to call her back or texted her. Basically she ignored me. I was pissed because she didn’t explain. But really I was heartbroken. I don’t know why… even so

Two years passed and I was seated at an event next to a girl I might be interested in.  She smiled and I gave the customary Ethiopian nod. Eventually we got introduced by someone, hello.. selam that was it. I thought I sensed a little curiosity in her eyes but I thought that was normal, after all I am Nolawi.

The event was not 2 weeks old when I was going over pictures with a friend. I told her that this girl was seated next to me, “isn’t she attractive?” And my friend is like that is the girl from two years ago; you know the one that …

No way, you serious… wow, at least my taste is consistent. In reality, I regret not getting to know her.  Three year, sill waiting for closure. M’Ts! What was it? Did she have a boy friend? I would have waited.

I walked in to the bar in front of my friends as I had to use the restroom. Then I saw her. The girl with the red hat, her hands full with a beer, a cigarette and a cell phone. She saw me, I saw her and we connected as I headed past her towards the bathroom.

I made my way back and my friends said we should go; they didn’t want to stay. Ahh ok, give me a second! I went to the girl with the red hat and told her that I just came in but I have to go and if I didn’t at least get her contact info I would regret it forever.She smiled and started to act like she was hesitant about giving her number to a perfect stranger even though I felt the vice versa. She was reaching for her cell when I said ‘you know what forget the phone number and give me your email address.’  

Then I sent her an email. I never received a reply till after 2 months. She explained that she received the email but she was busy as she was a student and working. I replied and after another month or so she apologized again. In all, about 3 emails in 7 months; I told her that it probably wouldn’t work out between us since she is not apt to return emails in a timely manner. I am no moonlighter, so yet another missed rendez-vous.

Last but not least, I was in a ‘pre-party let’s have a drink or two restaurant.’ I had been eyeing her for a while, till I decided to go order a drink at the bar. She said that she knew me but I didn’t know her. I was nonchalantly ecstatic. I decided to make my quick trip to the bar a long one. We talked for about an hour. And then my friend decided that they needed to leave. Arefew kitachew ayQemetim ende.

I probably should leave before I blew it. She gave me her email on a napkin and I left. By the time I got home I had lost that valuable piece of napkin. m’Ts weyne, ayeee! How could god do this to me?

A couple weeks later I see her. She was busy with a bunch of guys in queue trying to take a shot at her. I said hello to her friends and when I was striding towards her. She rolled her eyes at me. A whole 360 degrees, she said hello and started talking to another person. I couldn’t get a second.

Oh well, If god wants me to be a meneku’Se, Emeneku’Se’Alehu!

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  1. 1 anony-girl

    Hey Nolawi, first time posting but frequent reader.

    Who cares though about those girls, its their loss!
    I myself know who you are! I doubt you remember me. You are somewhat famous in the DC circle as I have heard from a friend. You said hello to me at the LA festival soccer stadium I think you might have been as you said “keraazy” about me too. I wanted to come talk to you but there a girl next to you. I didn’t get a chance to holler.

    You are very cute with you zoma long hair and big eyes. Creative and smart, I doubt you have a problem getting girls. I am sure the DC girls are lined up to get to you.

    Seriously stop complaining and date one of them.

  2. 2 Gebre

    One of you girls go out with Nolawi right now!

  3. 3 Chelema

    Oh yeah! and GIVE HIM ONE MORE.

  4. 4 alesh

    I take the L (train) to work everyday. Same time everyday. And almost Everyday there was an abesha guy that gets one stop before I get off.

    He would say Hello, and I did the same. We didn’t talk much but we flirted with our eyes. I was thinking, I wish he would stop mekuratun ena come talk to me, ask me out. But I could tell he would get nervous around me.

    For three month, we saw eachother for 5 minutes every week day. And one day he was never there.

    I knew he was shy and I would have gone out with heim if he asked cuz I am not the type of girl that asks dudes out. But for him I would have.

    I am married now to a wonderful man. But do wonder what would have happened if I just made more of a hint or even asked him out.

  5. 5 Chelema

    Nolawi, sounded like you were barking at the wrong tree. Here is a little bit of my recipe. “no woman wants a man that another woman doesn’t already want, sabe?” I don’t know how your conversation with her went but it seems like she only thinks of you when she sees you. That usually means that you haven’t really made a great first impression. Girls could be hesitant at first but they usually come around if they are really interested. If I was in your position, what I would have done was the following. First of all, I would not have called her back or text her after she hanged up on me like that. And the second time you saw her, I would completely ignore the heck out of her and pretend that she doesn’t even exist in my world and try to talk to other girls right infront of her (possibly take numbers from other girls if I could). The third time I see her, I would do the same. Ignore she even exists. I would push her to a point where she gets too irritated and gets forced to come talk to me. Then when she does, I would drop the bomb on her, and say….“excuse me for a sec, I just saw someone I know… I would walk over to any girl in the room, talk to her a bit and come back to this girl and say….“excuse me, you were saying?… I would do all that to let her know my time is too fucking important for her to play with Then, see what happens after. But then again, I don’t know how your conversation with her went the first time. Sounds like she was guilty and you were innocent. If the story was any differnt that your description, I wouldn’t do what I just said.

  6. 6 DawitK

    Its seems to me that anony-girl is interested in you Nolawi…maybe you guys should exchange emails and give it a try!!!

  7. 7 Baricho

    Ayyy Nolawi….
    Endew sichil’bet eko, Nola, eski share your chickshinery bakih :)

  8. 8 tata

    weyee good! what a conversation! If you really,reallllllyyy like a woman, don’t pay attention to her after you talked to her first time…and see what is going to happen. I’ve tried it on many of them . I am not handsome, rich or highly educated, but I have dated them all, Dr., gold digger, local celebrity ,nerdy, pentee…u name it. Oh! couple of 30 years old virgins too…I am telling you it works.


  9. 9 Chelema

    Nolawi, here is one GeteMeGN of mine a couple of months ago. I saw this beautiful Ethiopian girl outside of my downtown apartment door waiting for the bus. As I was entering the building, our eyes met and she smiled with great TiHtNA and I did the same and kept walking. Then right before I got to the elevator, it hit me and I am like “why in the heck did I not talk to that girl? I quickly turned around and walked back out. She was standing at that same spot. I intorduced myself and did a little bit of talking with her and ended up taking her number. I called her back right away(within like 3 minutes). She was surprised. I gave her the name and address of a party I was hosting that weekend and asked her if I should put her on the guest list. She agreed. I told her to call me back and let me know if she wasn’t gonna make it. Now remind you, I wasn’t testing her or feeling desperate, I just wanted to make sure I didn’t forget to call her. The party was great and after it finished, a few of us decided to go to an after party. As soon as we got there, I saw that same girl (that’s when I remembered she didn’t make it to my party). As soon as she saw me, she rushed in to tell me she was sorry she couldn’t make it. I was surrounded with a lot of other chicks anyway so I was like, “don’t worry about it. but you missed a great party. Then I grabbed one of the girls and went straight to the dance floor. All night long, she was screaming for my attention. I had none to give her. She would come to the dance floor and rub her booty against me. I didn’t do shit. After the after party, I left with the people I came with. But right away my cell phone was ringing. Guess who it was, that same girl. She asked if I wanted to have a breakfast. I said, NO of course, and told her to call me the next day. She didn’t call the next day and neither did I. The third day she called back around 10 pm. I was like, let me call you back. I am in the middle of something See what I was doing wasn’t really playing with her. I was letting her know that whatever she decides to do, it would not affect me a bit and that I would always have my own great life. Then the following saturday night we went out together, and we ended up spending the night together. MISSION ACCOOMPLISHED. She’s been one of my girl friends ever since.

  10. 10 Tobian

    “Hello Nolawi, just have one thing to say, listen… I can’t make it…”

    Daaaamn. How does one pull that off? Sorry, Nolawi, but I want to be able to say that. Something like, “Awo … man neberk, intnaye … yeah, it ain’t happening, ishi?” Click. jk.

    My friend once described her state of commitment as, ‘Look, if I say I will be there, I may be late, very late, but I will be there. ‘ She’s very generous with declining invitations.

    Late with a warning, or late by habit I can tolerate. But I can’t stand pple who don’t show. Maybe I’ll allow one excuse per year. Otherwise, it’s just plain ass disrespectful.

    “I am … honest; so very honest.”
    Hahaha. You think?

  11. 11 tata

    that’s right chelema. That’s what I am talking about.

  12. 12 story

    She’s just not that into you! Move on if u can.

  13. 13 keleb


    I had tried to give you, my friend, an unsolicited advice re. women and relationships in a previous post…apparently to no avail.

    Please, listen to Chelema…I reiterate my position. Women and sentimentality do not go together well; they go to the well together and often ’till they dry it up.

    I ain’t gonna plug the name of the 2-night clubs where you are sure to derive sentiment free bliss for sure. You know them well.

  14. 14 kiki

    I had this mad crush on the art director (W) I worked with. He was this tall, pale a** white boy but man did I have it bad for him. There was something about him that just did it for me. I was like a young school girl around him. We would flirt with each other but he never asked me out. I wanted to ask him out but he was sort of my boss and I didn’t believe in work place romances. So I would flirt and just fantasize about him. I worked with him for about two years – the company went out of business and I lost touch with him. A year later I see him at Borders and my heart nearly jumped out of my chest. But I was seeing someone so I couldn’t do anything about it. He would often cross my mind though.
    Few of years pass. A couple of weeks ago I see an ad in the paper that he is having an art exhibit this December/January (He is an artist, I love artists). I am single now hopefully he still is and he still remembers me. It has been a few years since I saw him (even though I would like to think I am unforgettable he might think otherwise). So help me out guys. How do I go about this? Of course I am going to his opening 12/20. What next? Any suggestions?

  15. 15 Temelkach

    LOL Nolawi, I laughed so much that my co-workers thought I was nuts…Great piece man! Chelema, Tata n’ Keleb, I support your stands. but Nolawi, here is a tip, sure we all know girls gravitate towards a guy that’s already taken but they also run to guys that have confidence. Not enough that you come accross as cocky but confidence and some air of ” Gurl, I sure have had a great life without you and you seem interesting so I wouldn’t mind the company on the journey but if you decline, it sure ain’t the end of the world or my day”.

  16. 16 Chelema

    Kiki, remember, boys will be boys…they look, flirt and test the water.when you see him at the exhibit, ask him to come and check out your art piece if you have one. Let him know his expert openion would mean a lot to you. when he shows up, make your move. Jump on him like “yeCHakA Monkey” and bite his ear off. MinaBaTu Neew YemiKorabiSH Degmo? Don’t he know you’re an Ethiopian jewel? Anyway, don’t look too desperate infront of him. He’s a white boy, just ask him out if he doesn’t.

  17. 17 Chelema

    Kiki, remember, boys will be boys…they look, flirt and test the water. Ask him to come and check out your art piece if you have one. Let him know his expert openion would mean a lot to you. when he shows up, make your move. Jump on him like “yeCHakA Monkey” and bite his ear off. MinaBaTu Neew YemiKorabiSH Degmo? Don’t he know you’re an Ethiopian jewel? Anyway, don’t look too desperate infront of him. He’s a white boy, just ask him out if he doesn’t.

  18. 18 celebratelife

    As I’m off to vacation land and clearing out my email something told me to log on to Bernos and what do I find but another yet interesting topic.

    First of all Nolawi you aint got nothing to worry about you know you’re cute and you got the full package so what the hell, let the girls come after you. Shoot if I was single and you were a little older I would be harassing your azz.

    This is what’s up with girls speaking from my personal experience. If a girl is really into you and she’s your cup of tea oh believe it she’ll come after you.

    I met this Ethio guy at a house party once as I was leaving and he was coming in and talk about connection, I couldn’t even speak I stuttered everything. At that time I had sworn off dating for 6 months and that was a short lived 6 months. But my girls were like he’s not a guy for you and told me to come on and dragged me out of there. I fought with them the whole night. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I mean I didn’t get his name only his description and I was determined to meet up with him somewhere or somehow. I asked the host of the party who the guy was but he couldn’t figure it out from my description cause all I was saying was he was fine and he was the best looking out of the entire crowd. The heavens were on my side because I went to a club a few weeks later and voila the dude was there. I was about to faint from being shocked and he was a manly man cause he walked straight up to me and told me he’s seen me before, blah, blah, blah. It was a match made in heaven for 7 glorious months.

    It’s never too soon to call a girl….let me tell you when I met my current bf we were introduced at a party, he is cute, but didn’t pay too much attention. He asked for my number and I gave it to him thinking whatever and told him I’ll see you later and went to talk to some other people. At that same party, while he was there, he called my cell and left a message saying I called you but you weren’t home. When I went to the ladies room and saw a missed call I checked the voice mail. I thought the message was so funny and I loved his humor/boldness so it was a done deal humor gets me every time.

    What’s happening is you’re interested and the girl want’s the chase and you’re not up to it. So if she has an attitude drop her ass with “don’t let it go to your head, do you know who I am…no, no let me spell it out for you I am N…O…L…A…W…I you better recognize”

    I say you hook up with Anony-girl she’s interested and you never know….Scratch what Chelema, Tata, and Keke are saying their rookies, sorry guys you got the game twisted. He’s looking for a relationship and not a one-night stand.

    Kiki, Honey you’re into artists which means you’re into art so ask, ask, ask about his work. Some guys need to know you’re interested before they feel confident enough to approach. Good luck…get him for the New Year kissss.

  19. 19 Timo

    Kiki-nothing to lose in being upfront with the guy. Tell him how you feel and hey if he is not interested, there are more fish in the sea.

    Nolawi- Let me tell you I have a sis (a complete package: beautiful, successful, smart and confident) who is single for one reason and one reason only: She tells me she is tired of guys who are fake and want to play the game and in the process come out looking like they lack confidence. She says she does not have the time or energy to try to psychoanalyze them.

    Play it straight and stay away from those who are stuck in the maze. Free yourself, their are many women who deserve you!

  20. 20 Chelema

    Celebratelife, couldn’t leave us could you? you’re on your vacation and still logged on to the very famous Bernos. What does your bf got to say about that? Anyway, Nolawi just needs to get laid at the moment. So what he needs is not a relationship, just a one night bonner. It was good to have you back though. I hope you’re some where exotic.

  21. 21 Lovejones


    How’bout hooking Nolawi up with your sister? Your comment was beggin for that response….hummmm?

    My 2 Cents.

  22. 22 adey

    Stop this Noliwood..one night stand or not, relationship is not ‘mix two cups of kurat’ with ‘three tablespoon of game’ (10 cups in CHole’ma’s case).. we each have our preferences as we can see from these cute stories

  23. 23 kilomamo


    I hear you and I feel your frustartion. If I can say so my self you remind me of my self from few years back. If it is any consolation, the last Rendez-vous I had with the lady that drove me crazy has resulted in a lifetime commitment. So hung in there buddy your time will come when you list expect it.

    I read some of the advices and laugh at how vain they are. Playing hard to get, not paying attention, acting busy, ignoring etc… They are all as Celebratelife puts it eloquently rookie games.

    Guys I am not saying what you are saying never works because it sometimes does. From my own experience girls I had the list interest and have tried to be nonchalant had often proved to stick around and get more attached. The problem is that I can not tolerate not being my self and I find myself suffocated and being prisoner of my own creation. The bottom line is acting to be something that we are not is not only fake but also unsustainable.

    On the flip side I have found myself tung tied when I am near the select few that I found most attracted to. Words that often flow out of my mount will betray me like I had never spoke before. Somehow if I manage to speak I will be saying dumb things.

    The funny part is even that has it’s value showing vulnerability has ways of winning peoples hart.

  24. 24 Lovejones


    Brother, learn how to spell first before you glance at the topic. Sorry, but one of my pet peeves.

    “So hung in there buddy” should be “hang”

    “when you list expect it.” should be “least”

    “girls I had the list interest” should be “least” again.

    My 2 Cents.

  25. 25 kilomamo


    I appreciate your correction and I hope to learn from them. I don’t claim to be a good speller as a matter of a fact I admit I am very poor spelling in general and similar sounding words in particular. It does not help that I don’t edit my writing either. I actually read my posting this morning and found two words that are misspelled. By the way what you have found is misuse of words rather than spelling. You have said

    Learn how to spell first before you glance at the topic

    If the qualification to enjoy this site and post requires learning to spell it will take me a very long time and I hope you will be kind enough to ease up on your standard. I believe my voice adds to the diversity of idea exchanges that is enjoyed by most here.

  26. 26 Nolawi

    First of all the guys completely misconstrued the whole article, this was about that missed connection… you know the one you regret not happening.

    It seems the ladies got it. Chelema, you say you have been married before but what’s up with your chauvinist replies.

    But the girls seem to get the jist of it. This is not a pity party nor do I need help in the ladies department. I have done the games and played around in my younger days. Getting a simple date is not the problem… I just want to me interested in the girl for a sustained period of time… you know guys.. fall in love .. go like armstrong and walk on the moon…. Doesn’t everyone?

  27. 27 Nolawi

    Anony… that is too bad.. another missed connection beyigna…

    Alesh- now that is a true missed connection… that is exactly what I intended the article to be..

    Ha ah tobian, you can do that to me kefelegish.. you know like a mock dissing… lets role play esti…:)

    Story.. obviously she was into me.. that is why she said yes in the first place… that is why she gave me her number.. bla bla…

    Kiki… white boy’es yeqirebish

    It was a match made in heaven for 7 glorious months.

    Ha ah celebrate.. besak moku

    What’s happening is you’re interested and the girl want’s the chase and you’re not up to it.

    Ding ding ding ding…. We have a winner… celebrate bakishine yehen tiqur tetesh wede neh ney… I don’t mind dating older woman!:)

  28. 28 Ethio Jazz

    Nolawi–thanks for the heartfelt piece–I truly get you on the notion of “missed connections” but, the point should be made that lamenting on missed opportunities may create huge problems for the present and the future opportunities. Look at missed opportunities as if they were never meant to be. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be.

    Let me tell you a story that happened to my cousin (female) and my best friend. When they met some 15 years ago, they were both in school and in different states but they gave it a shot but it never really materialized so they went their separate ways. Soon after his graduation, he moved back to Addis. During the next seven years they saw each other once when both were in a relationship. But, fate had a different course for them–nine years after their initial meeting they met when my friend came to the States for work–this time they were both single and thus they started dating again and got married a year later. So the moral of the story is, live you life today and if yesterday comes tomorrow take another chance and live it again today. I don’t know if that made sense but its Friday morning and I’m really looking forward to the weekend.

  29. 29 Debritu

    Have you asked yourself what you could have done differently to avoid those missed connections in the future, cause the past is past. How you see yourself and how others perceive you might be totally different. If a relationship type of girl senses a player she definitely will not stick around for a second or third date. That’s my humble opinion…………

  30. 30 kiki

    Thank you all for the great advice. Wish me luck!!!


    What can I do, the heart wants what it wants (maybe it is just lust, but I gotta find out, right?)

  31. 31 Wudnesh

    Hey Nol

    it’s nice to know u r doing great…..this is a friend from Colorado.

    Chelema, PLEASE! I know you are not the only abesha wend who share the same views towards girls ….but hey, wait till someone like me comes along and straightens you out. Hey, I ain’t hinting an interest in you (I have an intelligent man who knows better than acting like you do)….but u need a bit of ‘mann neng tilaleh?’ to ‘mastekakel’.

    Nol, that was a nice piece…I know u never had a problem getting the girls, so, I know exactly what u meant.
    I always think of the most handsome and sweetest guy that I had dinner with 6 years ago. We had the dinner during the two weeks I had broken up with my boyfriend. (Chelema, it’s the same for girls….men are easy to replace!)…despite his begging and pleading with me, I couldn’t even agree to a second date because I got back with my boyfriend. You know what they say, ‘kemayawkut Melaak yemiawkut Setan’. A year later (5 yrs ago) we met again at a party (I with my b.f, he with his girl)…while exchanging selamta with kisses on the cheeks, he whispered, ‘I still think of you everyday’…and I answered, ‘I don’t want to hear it.’ But Oh boy, was I lying!! He got married two years ago….missed opportunity? definitely!

  32. 32 Lovejones


    Don’t take it to heart, I am a picky reader.

  33. 33 kilomamo


    Why not? It was very helpful advance :) Oh I mean advice LOL

  34. 34 tata

    kilo…damn you have confidence…But you missed the chance. If you still don’t keep the one that you have you know he is going to leave you…so watch out.

  35. 35 Chelema

    Wudnesh, I hope that was a compliment. But I am still strugling with this line here.

    )….but u need a bit of ‘mann neng tilaleh?’ to ‘mastekakel’.

    Huh? you’re gonna have to say that again sweetheart. Anyhow, I am glad you have an intelligent man that knows better than acting like I do. I want all our sisters to be happy. But I am a wild cat.

  36. 36 Coca

    What’s up with all the games people, (by people I mean chelema, story, anony-girl, keleb, tata, and chelema again). What happen to being up front and there is nothing more attractive than than.

  37. 37 Chelema

    I think this coca is turning into Fanta. Coca, a little game won’t hurt no body. Besides, playing a little game spices things up a bit. I am not saying everyone plays the game, but it works for me. Fits my personality, if you know what I mean.

  38. 38 Wudnesh


    …that was, “mann neng tilaleh?”….as in “what do u call yourself?”…to ‘mastekakel’…as in ‘to straighten you out’…

    But now u say u r a wild cat, it’s going to take the ‘poor her’ longer to ‘mastekakel’ you. have a wonderful life!

  39. 39 yihesgud

    Nice piece . How about this – I have this handsom “wendawend” AA guy whom I work with . He is so good looking its not even funny. Plus smart , plus speakes proper english ( I have that problem with AA’s sorry celebrate ) well mannered , and sooooo sexy . I know I work with him and dating a person whom you work with will usually ( if not always ) end in disaster but still…. he shows he is interested the smile , those sexy looks ,the comments , flirts and all went for about 6 months and then he brought a beautiful girl for our holiday party held last week . I know its just a date but still. “Endihu sifez” wiy wiy …. so there goes my chance . My pride/” ye enjera guday” were all in the way and , yes . I blew it.

  40. 40 Nolawi

    yihes woy woy woy woy now that yasazineal! mts…

  41. 41 Temelkach

    yihes..Mt’s! indeed! I agree with Ethio Jazz though,if your yesterday becomes your tomorrow, then you know better to hold on to it but if it doesn’t, don’t sell yourself short and life goes on. A while ago, I went away on vacation and run into an old friend that I knew in AA, and he was just this guy I knew then and never really kept in touch except from the random calls we make from time to time. We hit it off and I was smitten, but the reality was I had enough baggage at home that needed taking care off so I’m hoping my yesterday will miraclously become my tomorrow sometime soon. But in the mean time, I gotta TCB.

  42. 42 Nolawi

    sorry lovejones and Timo.. I missed that one…

    Nolawi- Let me tell you I have a sis (a complete package: beautiful, successful, smart and confident) who is single for one reason and one reason only: She tells me she is tired of guys who are fake and want to play the game and in the process come out looking like they lack confidence. She says she does not have the time or energy to try to psychoanalyze them.

    ok if you think its a good match and your sis is in the DC area… I will give it a shot… why the heck not?:)

  43. 43 crazyinlove

    Hey ya’ll

    I feel deeply about a dude i’ve seen at college
    Well Well i’ve never said a word except wazzup at times.
    But he is the best dude i’ve seen. He is Black with a smooth white smile. He melts my heart. I just need to open up and say my mind but i just can’t i just shake everything i want to say something. He is so wonderful. He has the best male body i’ve seen in ages. He must be into sports. Well to me he’s perfect 10!! Besides his body he has this wonderful manly man personality. Wow I’m so crazy in love. i’m now trying to get my nerves together and go for it. I don’t care if he is single or not. He will be mine one day. Peace out

  44. 44 WoyGuud

    It’s funny,
    Most of us wonder how it is that there can ever be someone like Rummy (you just missed him; he left after 6 years of circus act/mayhem) who’s so full of himself that he’ll dump a 100% of his weight in crap if given 5 minutes at the mic. Well, most of us should wonder nomore; we’ve got an every day version of him, for us commoners, in Nolawi.
    Like Rummy (metaphysically), the only reason Nolawi isn’t with a girl is because he’s stopped himself from being with one. Every time! yet he laments not being with one. Matter of fact, the girls dont got nothing to do with him not being with one. They’re either “giving” him “shit” so they’re not worth it, or he’s not feeling it.
    I wanna see Nolawi write, at one point, he couldnt be with a girl because she just didnt like him. Then I’ll sit corrected.

  45. 45 hidaya


    Girls and women like men like you, have enough swetness without being soppy, and you sound kind and giving to women, you are creative and have a good sense of humour, things girls like maybe an oracle will know as to why you have no girlfriends yet.


    On your advice to Nolaw: isnt once enough to make your point? once may be justified, but the second and the third time only show how affected, you would be, by a girl who puts the phone down on you and indirectly show traits of your character if she is watching and listening properly to it ,the inability to take rejection, ego, pride.

  46. 46 Nolawi

    Crazy,… that is betam arif…

    I wanna see Nolawi write, at one point, he couldnt be with a girl because she just didnt like him. Then I’ll sit corrected.

    engideh… :) thank you… I will correct you one day!

  47. 47 Chelema

    hidaya, of course its ego, pride and all that other good-stuff. Sorry sweetheart, that’s just how I roll. I know its cruel but hey, life is a biaaaaaaa any way. That’s why I warn people not to take my advice too seriously as it might have a negative effect. But for me, it works absolutely pefect.

  48. 48 hidaya

    Chelema,dont be be sorry, you roll the way you want to, it is a free world. Cruelty doesnt attract anyone who doesnt like the stuff,life isnt always a biaaaaa, true confidence is the most attractive trait in men but it is different than ego and pride. A truly confident man is one that can take difficult things, and rejection when it it comes their way in their stride,learn what they have to from it, without it letting affect their subsequent behavior.

  49. 49 Shanti

    Nolawi, I wanted to share my thoughts on this subject with you for sometime now but then realized I have absolutely no wise words for you :( I have had several of these moments myself and wondered what would have happened “only-if”… but, the more I think about it, I have come to realize – if it were meant to be then it would have been (this saying is full of BS, but it makes me feel better)

    Now, if you had a topic about “forbidden love” then…

  50. 50 Nolawi

    Shanti you are right full of BS!

  51. 51 Timo

    Nolawi, if only my sis lived in the States ;-( go figure

  52. 52 about this article

    Nolawi : gud serahen eko! I just came from the coffee shop( not Starbucks) to study and I went alone . There were two Ethiopian guys ( one reaaaaly cute the second one ok) so with one of them sifageg koyiche , as it was time to leave I was wandering …. what if I am missing a chance…. then I just shook my head and left . Now you got us asking each and every chance we get , should I give him my number ? should I start a conversation, or.. . Honestly I thought about it and I laughed….

  53. 53 about this article

    I mean if it was any other day I would say ” behave ” for all you know he maybe “so and so’s” boyfriend , or he will know someone . In our community everyone knows everybody and thats what freakes me out from going out and making those ” bold moves” that could eliminate this missed connection thing …
    anywho- now I am saying to my self ” get your act together , you might not see this guy another day ” …:)

  54. 54 Kokebina

    If it’s meant to be…

    When I was still in Addis about 12 years ago, I saw this handsome Gods’ creation in front of Lycee’s GIBI. Although, I belonged to another school, I used go to there to ride home with my cousins. You see, I made a pact not to date just few weeks back. Oh well, I wasn’t going to let this one pass me. I’m soooo into mixed guys/mainly Ethiopian-European/. This guy was for sure my cup of macchiato. I told my cousins about my crash, and they went crazy on me. I simply couldn’t stop thinking about this guy. He looked so serious and kurategna waiting for his siblings in his car. He always parked around the back, but the girls would still make sure he saw them by being loud or doing other things. I didn’t have it in me to walk across and talk to him in my burgundy uniform. I just didn’t want to stand out. Weeks had gone by and I don’t see this guy anywhere in town; not in clubs, pastries, bars, pubs. I just kept on looking out-but my guy never showed. One day, one of my boys came home from campus and we went out for a walk. I saw my guy driving by and I kinda jumped. My friend couldn’t help to notice. He politely asked if I knew the person in the car. I answered “No, but I want to”. He said who him, I said yeah him. He told me his name and said they took the same class @ 4 killo last year. I was sooo happy just knowing his name. The weekend after, I walked into a packed IBEX club and I saw him. My heart skipped a beat…I took my hands off my cousin as quickly as I could, walked straight up to him and said his name. He turned around and asked “where do I know you?” I just said “too loud and couldn’t hear”, so we went out side. He was my boyfriend for 7 amazing months until I left Ethiopia. I saw him every single day for 7 months. It was a beautiful life experience. I’m now married to a great guy but I still think about him at times.

  55. 55 Nolawi

    wow kokebina.. amazing amazing amazing story thank you for sharing!

  56. 56 yonas

    I simply couldn’t stop thinking about this guy. He looked so serious and kurategna …

    LOL, great story Kokebina. There’s so much material here Nol, you could start a whole new blog site solely on Missed Rendez-vous!

  57. 57 SEOblog

    Good blog

  58. 58 celebratelife

    Nolawi, after the Bernos photo shoot posted pics you’re gonna get plenty of sizzling connections. Hold on to your seat and enjoy the ride.

    Chelema Reply to #20, “What does your bf got to say about that?” He’s sitting right here…what? yeah, he said nothing honey. Were you trying to push my buttons because it worked. Me answer to him you got to be joking or something!

    Yihesgud, Sweety don’t apologize to me I relate to an AA from Emory U the same way I relate to one from the hood. I don’t discriminate and neither do they.

    Shanti, What’s up with the forbidden love? Which direction of forbidden are you coasting on girl, you know you gots to make it clear cause I’m getting worried about you hahahahah. Seriously, check out the song “Don’t matter” by Akon really nice for the forbidden loves.

  59. 59 Shanti

    Celebratiye, yene konjo, I was starting to miss your ghetto comments ;) how was that vacation of yours? I really missed you girl, its good to have you back… you know I decided to start commenting only after I read several of your wise and funny comments… and then like magic you disappeared…

    As for my forbidden love issue, girl… I don’t know where to start :) It was an unexpected rendezvous, the feelings were crazy and none like any other, unsure of what was happening but very glad it did, unfortunately now it seems over :(
    Maybe someday, I will tell you all about it over some good martini… possibly over a couple of them nice grey goose martinis.
    But for now, thanks for that suggested song by Akon… I just checked it out online and it was not bad at all, good selection!

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