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I have been reading all the comments the past couple of days, its hard to keep up, love all the personal stories, experiences etc. Anyways I wanted to say that I am really enjoying all this.  Gin, the Bernos blog has digressed. Positively, if I might say as the participation is somewhat off subject at times. Like I have said in the past we are planning to add one major feature to the site. Bernos Press; the press is not a discussion forum nor a blog, its both at the same time. And it is going to be fully user generated much like a discussion forum.

It is the right next step to take, as we have made a nice little community on the blog. My favorite aspect of the community is the demography! which seems to be from 25 to 35 in age, have been away from Ethiopia for a while and at the same time love to remember their childhood. This by the way is consistent with the Bernos theme . Theme is a good word, not to serious!

There is something oxymoronic about writing about Bernos, much like Art about Art, if you get what I mean. So the press thing, which is a way that a user can post their own thoughts as opposed to contributors controlling the topic and the users digressing from the topic somehow. I really like the idea and speaking in layman's term the right software is out there now; WordPress's bbPress . The plan was to get it out before Dec 1st but I was scared that it might be too fast, we don't have nearly the amount of people willing to participate in the Press as its necessary to make it successful.

Then I told myself that we will wait till January or even February as I have noticed we are growing week to week. But all of a sudden, influx of digressed commenting from the topic of the blog article. Which is a good measure to the number of people we are reaching.  I am not saying it’s bad, it’s actually great, and it will be useful to have you guys once we start the Bernos Press

To make something like Bernos Press successful, we really need a supporting cast. Nor that we will discuss something controversial as the Ethiopian Political situation. So I am making our dirty laundry out there, because I really want to your thoughts about this. I have nothing negative to say about the Bernos contributors, which I feel are the best people in the world and the Bernos customers which are even better than the best people in the world. 

The next three steps are as follows:

1.The photo shoot for the next set of three T-shirts. Which we just got shipped to us yesterday. They look really amazing with Hang Tags and Trademarking. I can't wait till we make them available for sale.  We spent a lot more money producing this set of T-shirts, because we feel the quality is better than quantity.

2. We have a new person joining our team both as an investor as well as a contributing member from the aspect of marketing out products. The deal is not final yet but we are as they say restructuring some of the process, specifically shipping, packaging, & customer service. Over 150 satisfied online customers and counting. Will write more about this in the future. 

3. The third step is the Bernos Press, this article is written because I want to see the level of interest. So let us know your thoughts as failure is not an option.

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  1. 1 Temelkach

    I think the Bernos Press idea is great cos after reading a whole lot of the comments on postings, the discussion evolves into other very interesting topics and end up at a different destination than the original topic. I always appreciate the thought processes but often wonder…what has that got to do with this now…so You go Boy!Salut to Bernos Press!

  2. 2 Dinich


    Am not sure if I understand what exactly press is but you mentioned that it is much like a forum. Anyways, I am hoping the contributors will still be stirring the discussions because even though we digress we always have the articles as a starting point. They sort of motivate people to speak out. Have you been to a meeting where everyone is quite until someone speaks and after that everybody can’t stop? That is what the articles do.

    Yes, we always digress but I don’t think that is a bad thing. That is what happens when you have good conversations. Besides, I am not sure how the press is going to prevent the discussion from digressing. My experience with forums and chat rooms is the same thing. people digress.

    I like your determination. Failure is not an option.


  3. 3 Nolawi

    I dont think the attempt to have it to stop digressing as opposed to have a new feature similar to a discussion forum type of thing without it having too many bells and whistles… and the for the new feature to have real participation….

    Personally I just don’t like to have something that is not working.. that is why i am being cautious. but I do have ideas so that we could make it work!

  4. 4 Mamo Kilo


    If I understood the concept of press correctly, it is a way of allowing your readers to start their own thread rather than responding ‘of subject’ to a thread opened by one of “Ye Bernos balebetoch” thus allowing new discussions to blossom …

    If my understanding is correct I think it is a wonderful concept. Although I am fairly new to Bernos blog, I often find my self wanting to come back for more. I think adding Berons Press will add to what I believe is an already fun site. The only concern I have is once you open the Pandora box there is no saying what direction the press might go.

    I am highly optimistic with the introduction of Press the current dynamic will continue and this still will be the site as you put it a place we come “to remember our childhood”

  5. 5 Mitmita

    Nolawi, Bernos Press sounds like a good idea and I bet it will be a BIG HIT

    I just want to add something to that…lately I have literary been addicted to Bernos Blogs and ONE (among many) of the things that fuels my addiction is Bernos’s way of managing the site….love the fact that you guys value your “members” enough to ask opinions on what we think.

    Thanks for always keeping us updated on the status of Bernos and where you guys plan to take us next. It really makes me feel like am part of the Bernos community

    you guys work hard and it shows…keep up the good work and THANK YOU FOR BERNOS

  6. 6 Mitmita

    also can't wait for the next set of tshirts!

  7. 7 ethiofilms

    Nolawi, Is bernos on myspace? Just wondering

  8. 8 Nolawi

    Ethiofilm, yes we do have a myspace account as well as facebook as well as hi5…

    I am somewhat ignorant at the innerworkings of social networking…. eventually we will make better use of facebook and myspace… actually we wanted to hire some people.. ethiopian students to keep it up to date…

    personally i really hate my space though
    here is our link

  9. 9 Nolawi

    Sorry, mamo forgot to reply- pandoras box is the right word, but i doubt it will be a problem… since we left comments unmoderated… people has been great…nothing really bad has been written…

    at the same time the press will be unmoderated and users will have much power on whats shared… much like youtube …since we are not talking politics, i’m sure it will be ok!

  10. 10 celebratelife

    First and foremost I admire your business sense. I think Bernos press will be a positive change. It wil definitely allow everyone to participate equally.

    At times the digressed subject matter is as equally enjoyable as the main topic but can be distracting when the comments are not relating to the main idea. I hope you’ll get enough positive feedback to go thru wth it. I say change is the flavor of life.

    Do you think the new t’s wil be available for sale by Dec 15th?

  11. 11 Nolawi

    Celeb! I think we can make it! I really hope we do! I sure will try my hardest to get it in Dec 15

  12. 12 Midget

    Nolawi, good job. Keep up the good work. BernosPress is the necessary next step. It will provide forum for people not to just state, vent and comment. But, educate and inform through sharing of real life experiences, concepts,how and what to do’s in a much more comprehensive and unabridge thought proceeses and analysis.

  13. 13 Nolawi

    We will do!

  14. 14 sinelk

    inante? ine mine new fara mimeslew yene iko inkuan migbe fese medhanit new that is what we call yarada lij anyway yes the bernos press thing is brilliant and what i was asking for and i am so supportive to the idea
    sincerly sinelk

  15. 15 speakzor

    bbPress is so easy to use and to customize. Also, I recommend for cool bbPress templates. ^^

  16. 16 Brigida Figgeurs

    I’d have to check with you here. Which isn’t something I normally do! I enjoy studying a submit that will make individuals think. Also, thanks for allowing me to remark!

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