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About five years ago I bought a Wok. Why? because the Japanese version the Iron Chef became the hottest show on the Food Network. For those of you who do not know, I cook a mean everything.

Bobby Flay’s southwestern style mixed with anything works for me. Just wait till you taste my cheese steak with Ethiopian flare; I put berbere in it and take out the cheese. Don’t worry I don’t eat it with Injera.

I do love that General Tso, but my attempt at making it has been a major disaster. Recipe after recipe, it just doesn’t seem to work for me.

I think westerners attempt at writing eastern recipes should just be outlawed. Just look at this recipe for Ethiopia Beef & Peppers. I guess that is suppose to be Tibs, but I have never seen my grandma ever put red wine in it. Yes, I occasionally put all types of alcohol on top of the sautéed onions in order to get the flavoring from the bottom of the Dist. But com’on Tumeric & Bell peppers in Tibs! That is not Ethiopian. Get some Tej & Berbere or a clue!

Who do you think you are? This is not Kitchen Stadium; and you are not Iron Chef Morimoto to make over-the-top culinary concoctions and call it Ethiopian!

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  1. 1 metad bet

    you put ALL TYPES of alcohol on your sauteed onions? what kind of cook are u?

  2. 2 alem

    Nolawi if you like a test of wine on your food the best thing to do is prepare your own awaze (berbere mix with your favorite wine) mix well until it becomes pest and save in a tight jar. The longer it stays the more good it gets. you won?t even need to add any flavors to your ‘tibs’ or ‘stake’ you just add your awaze and it will test amazing.

  3. 3 celebratelife

    Nolawi, I know what you mean about improvising ethnic dishes. I?m also a big fan of Food Network and I watch Barefoot Contessa as much as I can.

    For the first time last Holiday season I made, from scratch, Panettone and I got the recipe from the Food Network web site (by Mario Batali). You can only imagine how many tries it took. My holiday parties are off the hook, thanks mainly to The Barefoot Contessa, and I look forward to them more than my family and friends.

    Although I was unfortunate not to grow up in Addis I did manage to learn how to cook some Abesha dishes and I improvise a lot and I mean a lot. The only thing I don?t even try to make changes to is Doro Wat. I would love to have your recipe for cheese steak with Ethiopian flare. Please share it, it sounds gooood.

    Alem, I can?t live without awaze. Someone recently showed me how to add fresh-crushed garlic and mustard to give it a kick. Have you tried it that way?

    I?m glad there is someone else out there who shares my passion for cooking!

  4. 4 alem

    Celebratelife actually that?s the traditional way of making awaze. I mean the garlic and sometimes the mustard. Now am wondering what the test of garlic mustard and wine will be like. I will try it! thanks for the tip.

  5. 5 mesfin

    HAaha haa Ezi awaze recipe melewaweT TjemerE

  6. 6 Nolawi

    Thanks Alem, I love awaze with Tej and also with Scoth… I think scotch is the best for Tire Siga Awaze..

  7. 7 celebratelife

    Alem, I haven’t tried making awaze with all three ingredients but will definitely try it as well.

    Hey Mesfin, it seems like you have a good traditional recipe for awaze seeing that you’re not in agreement with ours. Please share your recipe and leave out the humor (which is hard to duplicate) hahaha. You seem to be an expert!

  8. 8 Lovejones

    Cooking is my release therapy as someone would put it. I love watching the food network as well. Alteration of the Ethiopian food is my type of swine. Has anyone tried Tibs (tibbs) with some kind of pasta (Spaghetti, linguini, etc…) it is to die for, ultimately the tibs replaces the spaghetti sauce. How’bout Kitfo with some hot just cooked white rice….hummmm. Combination of the starch with the kibbe/mitmita/cordomon and ofcourse the red meat…scrum.

    Alton Brown by far is the most talented and knowledgable cook and food expert I have ever encountered, met him in person and even more informative.

    Awaze with red wine (pinot noir-acidity up high), a little ginger (powder) and garlic, leave it for 30 minutes…killin’ me softly.

    My 2 Cents.

  9. 9 Nolawi

    I dont know if you guys know but, Madjet restuarant and a few other started to mix th senafitch (ethiomustart) with awaze.. and serve it with tibbs… I think its so nasty… my god.. who stupid idea was that?

    metad, alcohol get the bottom flavors out… if you heard of the saying ‘flambe’ that is the reason…

    alem thanks i’ll try it

    Celebrate… I do indeed love to cook… gin I think there is not enough time during one day to incorporate all the things i like to in my life…

    all, i dont think awaze needs anything other than a little liquor… especially like that of ginger and garlic…. strong flavors… because berbere has every spice in ethiopia already.. berbere with yohannes teremaje… mmm mmmm mmmhhh

  10. 10 Munit

    I love cooking too. My invention of combining Ethio and American Recipe is, the Dried Portabella Mushroom Wet. Try it ppl, it is yam yam. It is done just like Siga Wet, just substitute the meat with the Mushroom.(no Butter, use Olive Oil) Usually I cook this dish during the Fasting season. (you can find the dried mushroom in any grocery store, I like the ones in Trader Joe’s)

  11. 11 celebratelife

    Hey Munit, I’m so stuck on making your recipe -Portabella Mushroom Wet. I can literally taste it and can’t wait till the weekend cause I don’t always like sega wet. You are the bomb.com! I usually grill Portabella mushrooms and mix it with spring lettuce along with quartered boiled eggs, pine nuts, and almonds served with balsamic vinegar dressing.

    Lovejones, with cooking who needs therapy? If we can recruit more people to enjoy the pots and pans, Dr. Phil may be back to being oprah’s sidekick. I think I’ll take you’re suggestion of making awaze w/pinot noir. Whenever I try to make it with a BV cabernet I’m sipping so much in the end I’m too woozy to enjoy the awaze with anything.

    Nolawi, maybe you can’t incorporate all the things you love to do in one day but there is the week, the month, or the year…many days to vacation in the kitchen.

    Your Abesha sister

  12. 12 Lovejones

    Celebratelife…I need therapy to soothes my day to day life, especially the corporate world. Pinot Noir is the bomb, go for it.

    Munit, I tried subsituting other items for Meat/beef with Tofu, Mushrooms, vegetarian (fake meats/religious) and it doesn’t do it for me, even with garlic and every thing possible. I agree with you on the spot ‘Trader Joe’s'; that place got all the smarts and eloquent products…especially the wine selection.

    Keep the food knowledge like JKidd drops dimes on the court.

    My 2 Cents.

  13. 13 Annuities

    Your post is on target. Keep it up.

  14. 14 Rebecca

    Mr lovejones, who do you think you are, talking about pinot noir, don juan demarco, kool modie… bakih we all know you drink hennesey.

  15. 15 Lovejones

    Rebecca…I don’t even mess with Hennesey at all, Scotch is my flavor and not just any Scotch, got to be a ‘single-malt’….so don’t hate.

  16. 16 Temelkach

    I just love this site!y’all have even inspired me. Big upz to all the cooks out there!!!!

  17. 17 Yegor


    Do you remember Yegor? Drop me a note.

  18. 18 BeautifuliSaties

    Looks interesting. Anyone else have opinions?

  19. 19 JT Stone

    I love to Wok as well. Though my love for the Wok came from my mom rather than the Iron Chef Morimoto. The show has inspired me in other ways to try different things in the kitchen (or at least to call the the correct name). :-)

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