Bandochu (The Bands) From Ras to Abyssinia (1961-1991)-PART I 115 Comments

Any discussion in reference to the "Golden Era" of Ethiopian Music has to include the amazing bands and musicians backing the performers. Here I'll attempt to discuss the history of these bands and where possible giving a short bio of the musicians.


The attempted coup in December of 1960 was the beginning of the end for the Imperial Bodyguard Orchestra. Most of its members resigned their positions and joined other major orchestras such as the Police, Army and the Haile Selassie I Theatre. These major orchestras slowly gave way to smaller bands. Some of the These bands first cropped up in the major hotels. Named after the hotels that employed them, these band such as The Ras, The Ghion and The Shebelle Bands later became very popular as the hotels became the place to be on Friday nights. Part I will concentrate on the Ras Band.

The Ras Band

The first Ras Band was formed in 1960. It was led by Tefera Mekonnen (piano), Getachew Welde-Selassie and later Wodajeneh Felfelu (saxophone), Zewdu Legesse and later Assefa Bayisa (trumpet), Tilahun Yimer (bass), Bahru Tedla (drums), Bahta Gebrehiwot (Amharic and Tigrigna Vocals), Girma Beyene (English Vocals) and Gebreab Teferi (MC and lyricist).

"Friday nights at the Ras Hotel was an amazing experience," says Bahta Gebrehiwot. In an interview to Addis Live Radio, Bahta vividly describes that it was the hotel's rule that patrons be dressed impeccably. Single guests were a rarity. Guests who were deemed under dressed were given a tie. What was not tolerated then, but you see quite often now, is same-sex dance partners. It was with the Ras Band that Bahta recorded most of his works, including Anchim Endelela, Degmo Endemin Alesh, Siqay Zeqealyu, Yetilacha Werie, Kalatashew Akal, Ya Ya and Wede Harar Guzo. Bahta wrote the lyrics and music to all of the Tigrigna songs he recorded. With the exception of maybe one or two songs all of the Amharic songs were written by Gebreab Teferi and the music written and arranged by the piano man, Tefera Mekonnen. One song Bahta wrote that Girma Beyene made famous was Yebeqagnal. It was while he was at the Ras Band that Bahta Gebrehiwot went to night class and became an accountant. When he left the music scene in 1972, he worked as an accountant for the Ghion Hotel and Film Corporation until his retirement. He was so disillusioned by the state of Ethiopian music that he left the music scene. In January 2004, Bahta performed Anchim Endelela, for the first time in many years, with a Boston based jazz band called the Either Orchestra (The CD was released as Eithiopiques 20 in 2005).

The majority members of the first Ras Band came from the Haile Selassie I Theatre who was then led by the famous Armenian Nerses Nalbandian (1915-1977). These included Girma Beyene, Wodajeneh Felfelu, Assefa Bayisa, Tefera Mekonnen, Tilahun Yimer and Bahru Tedla. Up to 1955 the last three were also in the Imperial Bodyguard Orchestra Jazz Symphony under Austrian Franz Zelwecher (1911-1998). As members of the Jazz Symphony, Tefera played the upright bass while Tilahun and Bahru played the percussions and drums respectively. The first Ras Band stayed in this form until 1965 when the entire band, with the exception of Girma Beyene, went on to form the Ghion Band at the Ghion Hotel.  Bahru Tedla and Girma Beyene are the only one still alive today. 

Girma Beyene decided to stay and form the second Ras Band sometime in 1965. The band consisted of Girma Beyene (piano & English Vocals), Tesfamariam Kidane (saxophone), Hailu "Zehon" Kebede (bass) Girma Zemariam (drums), Menelik Wossenachew and Seyfu Yohannes (Vocalists).

Menelik Wossenachew left the Haile Selassie I Theatre Orchestra as vocalist, where he had a string of hits including, "Fiqir Bastergwami", "Fiqir Ayaregim", "Sukuar Sukuar", the last two written by Merawi Sitot (a member of the HIM I Theatre Orchestra who played the saxophone and clarinet) and "Aderch Arada" (the organ is played by the late Getachew Degefu (1944-2000)-who started out as a vocalist at the HIM I Theatre), this version was written by Getachew Debalqe, who also authored the lyrics to "Lomi Tera Tera" (even though this song was written to criticize HIM, it didn't stop the Derg from jailing him for four years), "Engenagnalen" (music written by Kassa Welde and Nerses Nalbandian) and "Yene Hasab" (performed brilliantly by Girma Negash, who later became a famous sports journalist).  It's with the second Ras Band that Menelik Wossenachew performed "Wub Nat."

Seyfu Yohannes had a very brief carrier before passing away in his early thirties (Francis Falceto has it as 26, but from my conversations with artists that new him, he was older than that). He was known for such hits as, "Mela Mela", "Tizita", "Birtukan Terengo Mesai", "Qonjiteye", "Hana", "Melewetesh Minew", "Yekermew Sew", "Meche Dereshe" and "Ebo La" (the last three were arranged by Mulatu Astatqe, infact "Yekermew Sew" and "Meche Dereshe" were Mulatu's original compositions). "Yekermew Sew" was originally a play written by the late Belatengeta Tsegaye Gebre-Medhin (1936-2006), and if i'm not mistaken wrote the lyrics for Seyfu. "Qonjiteye" and "Melewetesh Minew", were written and arranged by Girma Beyene and backed by the Ras Band.  It's interesting to note that Seyfu Yohannes' younger sister is none other than Rahel Yohannes, the beloved traditional s
inger. In an interview she gave to Radio Fana, she mentions that their father was very much against Seyfu's carrier choice that he disowned him for a while before elders intervened and persuded their father to forgive Seyfu.

*** I'll discuss the musicians in the second Ras Band in detail when discussing the "All Star Band", since most of the musicians went on to form it.

***I would like to thank Francis Falceto for his very detailed liner notes (Ethiopiques 1) and his book "Abyssine Swing: a pictorial history of modern Ethiopian music" –a must have for all lovers of Ethiopian Music History.

115 Responses to “Bandochu (The Bands) From Ras to Abyssinia (1961-1991)-PART I”

  1. 1 lady b

    very interesting read, i must say. but i had one question, where can one get the lyrics “lomi tera tera”? i’ve always heard the first part of that song…but never knew what it meant or its significance.

  2. 2 nolawi

    i had to re read a couple of times.. so much info betam thanks…

    anyways several questions… “Engenagnalen” is that the one M. Ahmad sings… cause i feel like i have heard it before…

    isnt aderech arada the greatest song ever? betam arif

  3. 3 Ethio Jazz

    lady b: Not sure where I can find the lyrics to “Lomi Tera Tera” I hope some one reading your comments will post it.

    Nolawi: Mahmoud didn’t sing “Engenagnalen” first (I don’t know if he sang it at all). I’m not sure who sang it first–probably a singer at the Haile Selassie I Theatre, since that where Getachew Debalqe used to work. Here’s a version by Bitsat Seyoum and Abebe Fekade  I love Menelik Wossenachew’s version of “Aderch Arada”–the lyrics, the voice, and all the music arrangement are incredible especially the organ, horns and the bass (definitely an upright bass). 

  4. 4 Ersasu

    Ethiopian bands rarely get the credit they deserve. You just see them in the background, siwezawezu.

    I had incorrectly assumed one of my favorite pieces– Anchim Endelela–was yehizb. It’s a great composition (I read from you post that it’s a Ras/Bahta collaboration).

    I look forward to reading more from you, Ethio Jazz, and hope you will write about another great band, the Roha.

  5. 5 nolawi

    you know what ethio.. i was confusing enegenagnalen with another MA song…zaf tila sir honenen sinenegagere..great song btw.. the link for the sample is not working… can we upload it if you have copy.. same with lomi teratera.. i wan to hear it..

  6. 6 Ethio Jazz

    Ersasu–According to the new copyright law in Ethiopia “Anchim Endelela” is now yehizb since thirty years have passed since it was written. You’ll definitely read about Roha Band. Thanks

    Nolawi-I’m sorry but I don’t have Lomi Tera Tera-
    As for the sample not working I’ve uploaded a full version of Enegengnalen and edited my comment to reflect that.

  7. 7 Bekelech

    ????? ????? ??? ????? ?? ???? ????? ??????? who sang that song and if you can get a copy can you please upload it somewhere…

    buzunesh bekele ?? ??????? song too please i have been looking for them. these song were sang in the 50ties and 66 respectively.. thank you

  8. 8 nolawi

    enegenagnalen, ofcource i’ve heard it before… great rhthyme… is the version uploaded by girma negash..i’mean who is the guy and girl on this song…

  9. 9 shtoni

    it’ll prolly come across as if im kissing ass but the hell with it, this page is the sh!t!!

    jammin to the radio

  10. 10 shtoni

    ur radio is the sh!t

  11. 11 Ethio Jazz

    Bekeletch: I’m really sorry, I’ve no clue who sings the first song and I’ve not heard Bizunesh Bekele’s song either. I hope someone reading the piece will help out.

    Nolawi: The Enegengnalen song was sang by Bitsat Seyoum and Abebe Feqade. Girma Negash sang “Yene Hasab” in the early sixties with the Haile Selassie I Theatre Orchestra. Though I’m not sure I think the music was written by Neres Nalbandian. Here’s “Yene Hasab“Girma Negash re-recorded much later with the Roha Band. I would love to hear the original though.

    shtoni: thank you–this is a forum where no one is judged for their comments–go on and express yourself :-)

  12. 12 T

    Nolawi, hurry up with partII please. This was very interesting and educating. I am grateful for letting me know these “yejoro mebt yemiTebqu keyaniyan” better.

  13. 13 nolawi

    it was Ethio Jazz that is writing the historic MusiQa articles… I beleive part II will be up by monday… Thanks your support.

  14. 14 shtoni

    could you shine some light on these two ladies,
    Asselefetch Ashine & GeTnesh Kebret??

    would you have any songs from them outsides of the ones featured on Ethiopiques 13: Ethiopian Grooves??

    thanks jazzy.

  15. 15 shtoni

    oh and

    would you mind sharing some Bezawarq

  16. 16 shtoni

    much thanks, jazz.

  17. 17 Ethio Jazz

    shtoni: I don’t have much on those ladies, and I’m not sure if they did anything else–if they did it would probably be for Kaifa Recording and since Francis Falceto has obtained the rights from Ali Tango, we may see them again in upcoming Ethiopiques release. The two songs on Ethiopiques 13 are extremely good, especially the arrangement by Teshome Sissay. On a sad note, one of the ladies (not sure which one) passed away a couple of years ago.

    As for Bezawork–there are some good tracks of her and others

  18. 18 KEVIN

    what a great regga ethio band DUB ADDIS .. they had a show in charlotte, na it was great…….. please support them……

  19. 19 nolawi

    Hey, Kevin, it might be a good idea for you to write about DUB ADDIS and post it here,… then we help eachother support them….

  20. 20 GAS

    I came accross this web site recently. I would like to share some known facts with those who would be interested. Enigenagnalen was first sung by Girma Negash while he was a memebr of the HHI theatre, currently known as Biherawi Theatre. All others came to sing the song after then.

  21. 21 GAS

    Girma Beyene is to Ethiopian music as is Quincy Jones to American. Anything they touch turns into gold. They both are miracle workers. unfortunately, Girma shine away from the music scene for some unknown reason. we hope to see him surface again.

  22. 22 GAS

    Ras Band trumpeter Zewdu Legesse was forced to quit playing trumpet after he was bit by a bee. He lost control of his lip due to damage done to the nerves. He then become a music teacher and taught till the last day of his life. He passed away sometime in late seventees or early eightees.

  23. 23 soj

    does anyone know where to find record on vinyl( shekla) of these greats?

  24. 24 Tabot

    The vinyl’s are out of print. If you are desperate of getting some, you may have to go to somali terra, that is if your luck strikes. Music shop owners may have some, but I doubt it if they will be willing to sell. Other venue would be to check with elder relatives and associates, specially with those back home. Good luck to you.

  25. 25 Nolawi

    and ofcource you can get some Mulatu vinyl’s

  26. 26 soj

    tabot, thanks for the tips,

    nol? nolisha? yene ……….. thank you thank you x ……
    you da man!

  27. 27 sosenae

    Roha Band in 1989 or 1990

    “He left the Roha Band in 1989 or 1990. …. to pray for Elias Bekele, the drummer for the Shebele’s band, and Roha band there after. …”
    What happen to Elias Bekle the Drammer is he alive.



  28. 28 Rebka

    Is Elias Bekele still alive?

    Roha Band in 1989 or 1990

    “He left the Roha Band in 1989 or 1990. …. to pray for Elias Bekele, the drummer for the Shebele’s band, and Roha band there after. …”
    What happen to Elias Bekle the Drammer is he alive.

    Why Pray, Is any one answer.


  29. 29 Ethio Jazz

    Sosenae & Rebka: Elias Bekele’s health has improved dramatically and has returned to Addis Ababa.

  30. 30 sosit

    It was written barhru girma and tedla beyene are the only one who is alive to day i beg to differ ..tilahun yimer is also very much well and alive

  31. 31 Sosena(suzie)

    @ sosit:
    Thank you for leting us.

  32. 32 bronson

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  33. 33 sosena Assefa

    @ Sosena(suzie):
    How is Elias Doing, is he still playing Drum


  34. 34 sam

    i really thank you for the,s well can hardly get such information about the golden age of ethiopia music on etho sites.amesgnalhu.

  35. 35 Elias

    @ sam:
    I am alive and well, and living in Addis.

  36. 36 Elias

    Thanks for the concern, but may I ask who Sosena is?
    Elias@ sosena Assefa:

  37. 37 Suzie

    @ Elias:
    Hello Elias, this Suzie Old friend. I knew you with Tamerat Assefa.


  38. 38 yt


    Tilahun Yimer is alive and he celebrated his 50th yrs of anniversary with his wife Elizabeth his 6 children, 7grand children, families and friends together last year 12 of Jan 2009.

    His daughter YT

  39. 39 Helen Arega

    Please send me about bizunesh bekele history

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