Do the McNaasty! in amarigna.. Comments

Turn your speakers up and click sound.png and then do the McNaaasty, Godfather himself..

This will pump you up more than the Rocky theme song. Sylvester would have made 9 Rockies instead of 6.

I never thought of James as a jazz musician until recently, I always thought of him as Soul, Motown..ah maybe my pubescent ears are showing signs of maturing

We do have we do have K'Restina-abat of Soul, sure, we can do the McNaasty! in amarigna.mine is Memar Memeramer!! see no. 12

2 Responses to “Do the McNaasty! in amarigna..”

  1. 1 lacoste

    Mmm… Good post :) Will watch your blog

  2. 2 Nolawi

    Ha ha Lacoste menew such an old post..

    how coincedentally that rockky is back! rocky will always be back!

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